Spring Cloud Connectors 1.2.0 RC1 released

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Spring Cloud Connectors 1.2.0 RC1.

This release should be fully backward compatible with 1.1.0.RELEASE for applications using the library. Libraries that extend the core Connectors library should be recompiled against 1.2.0 RC1, and may encounter a few small extension API changes. Barring any issues, this will be the only RC before 1.2.0.RELEASE.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in 1.2.0:

Spring Cloud Connectors Core


  • AmqpServiceInfo no longer validates that the path element of a URI contains a value, which allows the default RabbitMQ vhost to be used.
  • URL validation in AmqpServiceInfo was relaxed such that QPID URL format is supported as well as RabbitMQ URL format.
  • AmqpServiceInfo now supports holding a list of URIs for providers that support multiple host connections.