Spring Data GemFire supports Apache Geode

I am pleased to announce that Spring Data GemFire now has support for Apache Geode.

What is Apache Geode?

In a nutshell, Apache Geode is the open source core of Pivotal GemFire. Geode was recently accepted into the Apache incubator after being submitted by Pivotal to the Apache Software Foundation as part of the BDS open sourcing effort.

Technically, Apace Geode is an in-memory, distributed database (a.k.a. IMDG) enabling new as well as existing Spring/Java applications to operate at cloud scale with high availability and predictable latency without sacrificing consistency. Applications are able to transact and analyze Big Data in realtime to achieve meaningful and impactful business results.


Spring Boot 1.3.0.M1 Available Now

I’m pleased to announce that Spring Boot v1.3.0.M1 is available now from the Spring milestone repository. This release builds on Spring Framework 4.2.0.RC1 and provides a number of improvements and new features over Spring Boot 1.2. Highlights include:

  • A new spring-boot-devtools module with support for automatic restart, LiveReload and remote update.
  • Extensive caching support for EhCache, Hazelcast, Infinispan, Redis, Guava or any compliant JSR-107 (JCache) implementation. Cache metric information is now also exposed via the actuator (when the underlying technology supports it).
  • Improved metrics support, include export and aggregation features and big performance improvements if you’re using Java 8.
  • Fully executable JARs for Linux based operating systems, including “service” support. Starting a Boot application as a Linux service is now as easy as typing: sudo ln -s /var/myapp/myapp.jar /etc/init.d/myapp.
  • Additional OAuth2 Support, including @EnableAuthorizationServer, @EnableResourceServer and @EnableOAuth2Client annotations.
  • New HealthEndpoints for Elasticsearch, Email and JMS.
  • Maven start and stop goals to help with integration testing.