Cloud Foundry Manifest Editor Beta released for Visual Studio Code

As part of our activities to support developers around the globe building applications with Spring and deploying those apps to Cloud Foundry and PCF, we are proud to announce our first beta version of the Cloud Foundry Manifest editing support for Visual Studio Code (on macOS, Linux x64, and Windows).

Why Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight and open-source code editor that runs on macOS, Linux x64, and Windows. It is based on an interesting architecture with regards to extensibility. Support for languages in Visual Studio Code gets implemented as so called “language servers”. Those language servers are independent of the editor that you use. The editor and the language server are connected using a protocol (called the language server protocol). Even though Visual Studio Code introduced this protocol, other editors and IDEs started to adopt this language server protocol - like the Eclipse IDE (from version 4.7 on) or Eclipse Che as a cloud IDE. Other lightweight editors like Sublime Text and Atom will likely offer support in the near future, too. As a result, we can focus on implementing the Cloud Foundry manifest editor support as an independent language server and you can add this support to the editor or IDE of your choice.