Spring Integration 5.0 Milestone 5 Available

On behalf of the Spring Integration team I am pleased to announce that the fifth milestone for the Spring Integration 5.0 release (5.0.0.M5) is now available.

21 JIRAs (and some GitHub issues) made into this release, including bug fixes and a number of new features. Some highlights of features in M4 and M5, since the previously announced Milestone 3:

  • The Splitter now can deal with the Java Stream and Reactor Flux payloads. If the output channel is a ReactiveStreamsSubscribableChannel, splitting supports back-pressure.

  • A ErrorMessagePublisher together with the ErrorMessageStrategy have been introduced to pursue better error handling experience with the inception message for the ErrorMessage. The MessageListenerContainer in Spring Kafka 2.0 and Spring AMQP 2.0 are supplied with their own ErrorMessageStrategy to represent the original data in the ErrorMessage for the error handling flow.

  • The new MockMessageHandler has been added to Spring Integration Test framework for replacing real `MessageHandler`s for unit testing:


Spring Session MongoDB 2.0.0.M1 released

Dear Spring Community,

Last month, Spring Session lead Rob Winch announced the release of Spring Session 2.0.0.M1 (notice the lack of MongoDB there?) In that post, he pared back Spring Session to officially supporting Redis, JDBC, and Hazelcast. No more MongoDB.

I’m here to announce that I’ve pick up the torch for Spring Session MongoDB. Managing both Spring Session and Spring Security (among other responsibilities), Rob couldn’t maintain high caliber support with too many data stores. Being a member of the Spring Data team, I felt better suited toward providing MongoDB support of Spring Session, so I reinstated it as a separate project.


Spring Security 5.0.0 M2 Released

On behalf of the community, I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Security 5.0.0 M2. This release includes bug fixes, new features, and is based off of Spring Framework 5.0.0 RC2.

A complete example of using Spring Security to secure a Spring WebFlux application can be found in the Spring Security samples at hellowebflux and hellowebfluxfn.

The highlights of the release include:

Simplified Reactive Security Configuration

It is now very easy to setup a minimal Reactive Security Configuration. Add @EnableWebFluxSecurity and provide a UserDetailsRepository


Spring Session 2.0.0 M2 Released

On behalf of the community I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Session 2.0.0.M2. This release is focused primarily on ensuring compatibility with Spring Framework 5.0.0.RC2 and Spring Data Kay-M4 which is the minimum Spring version required.

We expect that Spring Session 2.0.0.M3 will have a new Java 8 friendly API along with Support for Spring WebFlux.

Supported Data Stores

As an update to our new story for supported repositories, we now have sub projects for Spring Session Geode (GemFire) and Spring Session MongoDB. You can find the Spring Session MongoDB release announcement here.


Spring Boot 2.0.0.M2 Available Now

Shortly after Spring Framework 5.0 RC2, a second milestone of Spring Boot 2 is now available from our milestone repository. This release closes over 90 issues and pull requests, thanks to all that contributed!

For a complete list of changes, and upgrade instructions, see the Spring Boot 2.0.0.M2 Release Notes on the WIKI and the updated reference documentation.

If you want to get started and discover those new feature, you can easily bootstrap a new project on https://start.spring.io

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