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Sabby Anandan

Sabby Anandan

Product Manager

San Francisco, CA

Sabby Anandan, Product Manager at Pivotal. Sabby is focused on building products that eliminate the barriers between application development, cloud, and big data. Sabby has a Bachelor's in Electrical and Electronics from the University of Madras and a Master's in Information Technology and Management from the Carnegie Mellon University.
Blog Posts by Sabby Anandan

Spring XD: Data-Driven Connectivity Within a Unified Platform

Whether you’re at home, office, or in-transit, connectivity is the norm. It’s a part of daily life that we’ve all come to expect and depend on. Connectivity between people and information is all about the movement and analysis of data: data delivers insights, and these insights must increasingly deliver immediate results to users. This level of always-on, always-available connectedness presents numerous challenges. The type of data, formats, and volume is dynamic, as are the data-producing agents.