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SpringSource dm Server 1.0.0 reaches GA

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SpringSource Seminar Day Linz in Review

A brief pictorial review of the SpringSource Seminar Day in Linz, having happened on September 8th, 2008, at the Bergschloessl Linz… More than 150 people were listening to a six-pack of presentations about what’s new and upcoming at SpringSource. The “Story of Spring” keynote by Rod Johnson and Adrian Colyer was a great start into a day full of information: about the SpringSource Application Platform, the SpringSource Tool Suite, Spring 3.0, etc. (See the original blog announcement for details on the agenda.)

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SpringSource (and other top vendors) leading the OSGi charge

In a press release made available by the OSGi Alliance yesterday, several leading vendors including SpringSource, IBM, Oracle, RedHat, Sun, SAP, ProSyst, and Paremus joined forces in their support of OSGi as the foundation for next generation server platforms.

To highlight some of the key points:

Craig Hayman, VP IBM WebSphere said

[IBM] has been shipping WebSphere Application Server built on OSGi since 2006. As a result, IBM clients benefit from a modular platform built with proven components and the ability to automatically use only the components required by their application.
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SpringSource dm Server 1.0 RC2 Released

I’m happy to announce the availability of RC2 of the SpringSource dm Server, previously known as the SpringSource Application Platform. This release is feature complete and barring any serious issues will become 1.0 GA in two weeks time.

This release fixes a few critical bugs, upgrades to Tomcat 6.0.18 and updates all code, documentation and supporting materials to reflect the new name.

Due to the renaming of the product, PlatformOsgiBundleXmlWebApplicationContext has been renamed to ServerOsgiBundleXmlWebApplicationContext and moved from the package to the package. Thus, if you are setting the contextClass for Spring MVC’s ContextLoaderListener or DispatcherServlet in web.xml in a Shared Services WAR, be sure to change the fully qualified path to

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Early draft of OSGi Service Platform Release 4.2 specification now available

The OSGi Alliance have posted an early draft of release 4.2 of the Service Platform specification.  SpringSource employees are active members of both the Core Platform Expert Group (CPEG) and the Enterprise Expert Group (EEG) within the Alliance. My personal involvement has been largely with the EEG, and particularly with RFC 124 “A Component Model for OSGi”.

RFC 124 is a standardization of the core ideas behind Spring Dynamic Modules. If you look at the configuration schema, you’ll see that it very closely resembles the “osgi” namespace provided by Spring Dynamic Modules (DM).  RFC 124 takes everything that we have learnt over the last couple of years developing Spring DM and combines this with some key insights from other members of the core and enterprise expert groups to produce a specification that is both based on proven real world experience and also closely integrated with the OSGi Service Platform itself. Many thanks go to the Spring DM development team :- Costin Leau, Hal Hildebrand of Oracle, and Andy Piper of BEA (now Oracle) for all their hard work in helping to develop and test Spring DM, and then to help us take the model forward as the basis for standardization in the OSGi Service Platform.

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