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Spring Roo 1.0.0 Released

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Grails 1.2 Released

Continuing the release train, today we are excited to announce the general availability of Grails 1.2 final. Representing the most stable and performant Grails release yet, Grails 1.2 is a significant new release of the premier dynamic language framework for the JVM.

As well as featuring all of the goodness of Spring 3, this release has a number of significant new features for Grails users:

  • Dependency Resolution DSL: Based on Ivy, Grails users now have full control over JAR dependencies including those inherited from the framework and any installed plugins.

  • Better Spring Integration: As well as supporting component scanning, Grails now allows you to implement controllers as regular MVC @Controller instances.

  • Named Query Support: It is now possible to define named, reusable criteria queries in GORM that can be combined with regular dynamic finders making querying a lot more DRY

  • Improved Performance & Memory Consumption: The performance of Grails’ view layer (GSP) has been significantly improved resulting in up to 2-3 times throughput. We’ve also improved Grails’ memory consumption and the need for additional PermGen by implementing precompilation of GSP views.

  • Named URL Mappings: It is now possible to name an individual URL mapping which allows you to create more explicit and expressive links inside GSPs

  • Refactored Testing Infrastructure: Grails’ testing infrastructure is now completely pluggable to new providers. The default JUnit provider is still present, but new testing providers can be implemented that can be run in specific phases (such as ‘unit’, ‘integration’ and ‘functional’ phases). There is already a Spock plugin that takes advantage of this new infrastructure, allowing BDD style testing.

  • Pluggable Web Containers: Grails now allows different development time containers to be installed and plugins for both Tomcat and Jetty are available.

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Spring Security 3.0.0 Released

We're pleased to an announce the release of Spring Security 3.0.0.

Thanks to everyone in the community who has helped out by testing the milestone and release candidate versions and providing feedback.

Check out the project website for a list of supported features, and also the release announcement in the community forum for information on changes which may affect you if you are upgrading.

Look out for compatible releases of Spring Security Extensions projects (such as our Kerberos support) in the new year.

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Bundlor 1.0.0.RC1 Available

I’m very excited to announce that Bundlor 1.0.0.RC1 is now available. There have been numerous changes to Bundlor since the M6 release including additions to detection and warning criteria as well as improvements to the ANT and Maven configurations.

This milestone marks feature-complete status for the 1.0.0 release. Baring any major issues, this candidate will be released as 1.0.0.RELEASE shortly.

Detection and Warning Criteria

Bundlor now detects Java types in the following locations:

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Configuration Simplifications in Spring 3.0

Second in a series of posts on “Spring 3 Simplifications” started yesterday by Keith, I’d like to provide a very brief and hands-on introduction to Spring’s new @Configuration annotation and related support.

As those that followed the Spring JavaConfig project will know, a @Configuration-annotated class serves much the same role as a Spring XML file. It provides a code-centric way of declaring Spring bean definitions using nothing more than methods and annotations. You might call it Plain Old Configuration* :) This means that for simple situations, no XML will be required!

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Groovy 1.7 released

The Groovy development team and SpringSource are very pleased to announce the final release of Groovy 1.7, the most popular and successful dynamic language for the JVM! After two betas and two release candidates, we’re are happy to deliver this new and very important milestone to our ever-growing user base.

Over the years, the Groovy project has managed to grow a community, but not only that, a very rich and active ecosystem of Groovy-related projects: the Grails web stack, the Griffon swing application framework, the Gant and Gradle build solutions, the Gaelyk lightweight toolkit for Google App Engine, the Gpars parallel system, the Spock testing frameworks and the GMock mocking library, the CodeNarc and GMetrics quality tools, and many more! With all these initiatives, the world is even groovier and we’re thankful these projects have helped us shape what Groovy is today.

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MVC Simplifications in Spring 3.0

As Juergen and Arjen have mentioned, Java developers everywhere have a smooth upgrade with Spring 3.0. Now that Spring 3 is out, I’d like to take you through some of the new MVC features you may not know about. I hope you find these features useful and can start putting them to work in your web applications immediately.

This is also the start of a series on “Spring 3 Simplifications”, so expect more posts like these in the coming days and weeks.

Configuration Simplification

Spring 3 introduces a mvc namespace that greatly simplifies Spring MVC setup. Along with other enhancements, it has never been easier to get Spring web applications up and running. This can be illustrated by the mvc-basic sample, which I will now walk you through.

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dm Server 2.0 RC1 released

Hot on the heels of Spring 3.0 and Spring DM 1.2.1, I’m delighted to announce that dm Server 2.0 RC1 is now available. RC1 is feature complete and, barring any major problems being found, will be the final 2.0 release early in the new year. So, please download the RC and give us your feedback: it’s your last chance to shape the 2.0 release!

If you’re interested in what’s changed since M6, please take a look at the release notes.

Thank you for all of the feedback that we’ve had during the development of 2.0. Please keep it coming as we move towards the final release.

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Now Available: SpringSource Tool Suite 2.3.0

To assist all developers with their upgrade to Spring 3.0 GA, SpringSource has released an update to SpringSource Tool Suite (STS), the best Eclipse-powered development environment for building Spring, Groovy and Grails powered enterprise applications. The new version (2.3.0) is now available for download and includes:

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Spring.NET 1.3.0 Released


Dear Spring Community,

We are pleased to announce that Spring .NET 1.3.0 is now available.  

Download | SupportDocumentation |  Community

This release contains the following new major features:

  • Micosoft Test Framework integration - Integration test classes to support MSTest in addition to NUnit.

  • TIBCO EMS integration - Helper classes to increase your productivity developing messaging
    based applications with TIBCO EMS.

  • NVelocity integration - Helper classes to configure a NVelocity template engine in a Spring based application

  • VS.NET Solution Templates - VS.NET 2008 based solution templates to get you up and running quickly creating Spring based applications.

  • DI support for Enterprise Service Components

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