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This Week in Spring - July 30, 2013

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Spring Batch 2.2.1.RELEASE is now available

We are pleased to announce that Spring Batch 2.2.1.RELEASE is now available via Maven Central, Github and the SpringSource download repository. This release addresses a number of bugs and documentation updates. Many thanks to all of those who submitted the many pull requests that went into this release.

Spring Batch Home | Source on GitHub | Reference Documentation

We look forward to your feedback in the forum and issue tracker.

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Spring Shell 1.1.0.M1 Released

Dear Spring Community,

I am pleased to announce the first milestone release Spring Shell 1.1. Spring Shell is an interactive shell that can be easily extended with commands using a Spring based programming model. This release adds support for testing of commands as well as several bug fixes and general improvements. Many thanks to to those who submitted pull-requests

Downloads | JavaDocs | Reference Documentation | Changelog

We look forward to your feedback on the forum or in the issue tracker.

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Spring Framework 4.0 M2: WebSocket Messaging Architectures

As I wrote previously, a WebSocket API is only the starting point for WebSocket-style messaging applications. Many practical challenges remain. As one Tomcat mailing list user mused recently:

it does seem to me that websockets is still not really “production-ready”, (I am not talking about the Tomcat implementation per se, but more generally) … native websockets capability in IE is only available since IE-10 and that solutions which allow this to work in lower IE versions are a bit “iffy” (relying on a diversion through Adobe’s FlashPlayer e.g.). (Most of our customers are largish corporations, which are not going to update their browsers, nor open special ports in their firewalls, just to please us).

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This Week in Spring - July 23, 2013

Hey everyone! Remember that SpringOne 2GX 2013 early bird expires August 9th, so hurry to secure the discounted rate! Also, make sure to check the agenda as new sessions have been added. This week I'm at OSCON talking to developers in the wonderful city of Portland, OR about Spring 4, REST and joining my colleagues at Pivotal to talk about Cloud Foundry, big data, and much more! If you'd like to chat, I hope you'll come to the talks that we're putting on and visit us at the Pivotal booth in the exhibition hall! It's been a big week for both Spring and Pivotal:

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Spring Data Arora Service Release 2 available

I am pleased to announce the availability of the second service release of the Spring Data Arora release train. It includes quite a few significant bug fixes that we have already released in the first milestone for the Babbage release train. To makethem available in an official release, we backported them into this one here. The modules included are:

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Reactor 1.0.0.M1 - a foundation for asynchronous fast-data applications on the JVM

I’m super excited to announce the first milestone release of Project Reactor! Project Reactor is a foundational framework for building asynchronous, FastData applications on the JVM. Some of the goodness in Reactor 1.0.0.M1 includes: reactive composition helpers Stream and Promise, a TcpServer and TcpClient, and Groovy and Spring support. Inspired by Reactive Extenstions, RxJava, the new JDK 8 Stream API (and Scala, and others…), these Composables make coordinating asynchronous tasks dead simple. They support traditional callback-style programming using Consumers, but they also offer a succinct composition API with methods like map(Function fn), filter(Predicate p) , batch(int size) and more.

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JavaConfig support in the Spring Tool Suite

Spring applications that use JavaConfig instead of XML become more and more popular. Today we would like to show you the new features in the latest Spring Tool Suite 3.3.0 release that makes it easier for you to program Spring applications using annotations and JavaConfig instead of XML.

Project configuration

Let’s assume you implement a web application based on Spring and JavaConfig. A common practice would be to have a base @Configuration class where you define the common base Spring configuration in your application. That might look like this:

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This Week in Spring - July 15, 2013

Welcome back to another installation of This Week in Spring. We've got a lot to cover, as usual, so let's get right to it! This week I'm at SenchaCon, talking to developers about building RESTful applications and clients, and then I'm off to OSCON next week, where I'll be hosting the Spring BOF, giving a talk on the latest and greatest in Spring 4, and helping to man the Pivotal booth. If you're at SenchaCon or OSCON, don't hesitate to ping me and we can talk Spring, Cloud Foundry, big-data, and more!

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Spring AMQP 1.2.0 for Java Released

The Spring AMQP project applies core Spring concepts to the development of AMQP-based messaging solutions.

We are pleased to announce that the 1.2.0.RELEASE is now available for Java.

Following the Release Candidate, this GA release includes a minor bug fix and updates the default RabbitMQ client to 3.1.3. See the Release Notes for details of these changes.

Major changes over and above the 1.1.x release are highlighted in the What’s New section of the reference manual.

Please see the Project page for more information including links to documentation and downloads.

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