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Spring Security 3.2.0.RC1 Released

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Webinar Replay: Spring with Cucumber for Automation

Learn how Spring and Cucumber integrate to make test automation easier. Cucumber is a framework for Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD), a refinement of TDD (Test-Driven-Development). Its intent is to enable developers to write high-level use cases in plain text that can be verified by non-technical stakeholders, and turn them into executable tests, written in a language called Gherkin. Using Spring, Cucumber, WebDriver2, Hemant Joshi will show you how to use Spring & Cucumber to do BDD with elegance and joy.

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Reactor 1.0.0.M2 – a foundation for reactive fast-data applications on the JVM

I'm excited to announce the 2nd milestone release of Reactor on our way toward 1.0! Maven artifacts for Reactor 1.0.0.M2 are available in the usual milestone repository.

What is Reactor?

Reactor is a foundational framework for building high-throughput, asynchronous, reactive applications on the JVM. It provides Selector-style topic matching for event routing, dynamic Consumer assignment, an uber-fast task processor, and reactive Stream and Promise APIs for working with data asynchronously and coordinating asynchronous tasks. It comes with comprehensive Groovy language support by providing langauge extensions to make writing Reactor applications in Groovy pretty darned Groovy! It also has easy-to-use Spring support that automagically wires annotated POJOs to Reactors.

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This Week in Spring - Aug 27th, 2013

Welcome back to another installment of This Week in Spring. We have a lot to cover, as usual! Spring Security and lead Rob Winch feature heavily in this week's roundup! So, cheers to Rob Winch!

  1. Spring Security lead Rob Winch put together a post introducing some of the new, smart and convenient protection in Spring Security against cross-site request forgery (or CSRF).

  2. Rob also put together another epic blog post that demonstrates some of Spring Security's new support for security headers.

  3. Rob was also kind enough to integrate these new features into the Spring REST stack codebase where you can see them in action in the context of a full-stack, integrated Spring REST service. To see these changes, along with Spring Security and Spring Security OAuth, all integrated using Java Configuration, check out the oauth module.

  4. Reactor lead Jonathan Brisbin has announced Reactor 1.0.0.M2 is now available. The new release looks very exciting! From Jon's writeup: “This 2nd milestone includes a number of bugfixes and some really exciting new features. Reactor now includes a Processor abstraction, which is a highly-optimized task processor based on the LMAX Disruptor RingBuffer… Anecdotal benchmarks on a MacBook Pro show the Processor can pump around 100,000,000 events per second through the pipeline. Yes, you read that right: 100 million per second!”

  5. Hyperic, Cloud Foundry, Spring and Spring Data ninja Jennifer Hickey has announced the latest cut of the Spring Data Redis project. The new release includes support for millisecond precision in key expiration commands, resubscription of message listeners on connection failure, a full implementation of ConcurrentMap contract in RedisMap and RedisProperties

  6. Spring Batch lead Michael Minella has announced Spring Batch 3.0M1 has been released! This release marks the first steps towards implementing the JSR-352 Java Batch specification, among other things.

  7. Register now for the Aug 29th Webinar: Taming Coupling & Cohesive Beasts with Modularity Patterns and Spring with Param Rengaiah.

  8. Join our friends from Pivotal Labs as David Frank shows you How to Get Agile with Pivotal Tracker, on September 5th.

  9. Spring Security lead Rob Winch tweeted, “#Gradle made it dead simple to build #SpringSecurity with #SpringFramework 3 and run tests with both #Spring 3/4,” and linked to this epic example. This isn't strictly speaking Spring related post, but it's a nice example of a really elegant Gradle build, for those who also work with it, as we do at SpringSource.

  10. Spring Security lead Rob Winch (boy, that guy sure gets around!) also announced the latest release of Spring Security LDAP.

  11. Our pal Xavier Padró is back, this time with a post introducing how to use resource-local JMS transactions on message receipt with Spring's JmsTemplate.

  12. Patrick Grimard's put together a nice post on integrating Yeoman Backbone with a Spring web application, as well as a way to sidestep some issues he was having with resource resolution by using Tuckey’s UrlRewriteFilter. Now, I like the UrlRewriteFilter. That said, I think (but haven't tested..) that Patrick could've accomplished the same thing using Spring MVC resource handling support, as he starts to do in an example in the code when overriding the public void addResourceHandlers(ResourceHandlerRegistry registry) configuration method. Perhaps I'm mistaken, and either way, cool post!

  13. SpringSource has released new trainings to the Q3 schedule, check out the training schedules for: Core Spring, Enterprise Integration with Spring and Spring Web.

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Spring Framework 3.2 and the SpringSource EBR

Beginning with version 3.2, Spring Framework JAR files such as spring-core, spring-context, and spring-webmvc no longer contain MANIFEST.MF files with OSGi metadata. Likewise, builds are not automatically promoted to the SpringSource EBR. To ensure that OSGi users are able to upgrade to Spring Framework 3.2, SpringSource will create and publish bundles for Spring Framework 3.2 GA to the EBR in a separate process shortly following the GA release. At least one 3.2 milestone or release candidate will also be published such that the community can validate the OSGi metadata prior to going GA. Note that any future releases in the Spring Framework 3.1.x line will continue to contain OSGi metadata and will be published immediately to the EBR as per usual. Interested users may want to place a watch on SPR-8903 to be notified of further updates, e.g. when Spring Framework 3.2 bundles are published to the EBR.

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Spring Data Redis 1.1 RC1 Released

Dear Spring Community,

I am pleased to announce the first release candidate of Spring Data Redis 1.1!

Downloads | JavaDocs | Reference Documentation | Changelog

Highlights include:

  • Support for millisecond precision in key expiration commands
  • Resubscription of message listeners on connection failure
  • Full implementation of ConcurrentMap contract in RedisMap and RedisProperties

For more information about Spring Data Redis please see the home page for a live sample and webinar recording.

We look forward to your feedback on the forum or in the issue tracker. We hope to see you at the upcoming SpringOne conference in Santa Clara, CA. Checkout the schedule and register!

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Spring Security 3.2.0.RC1 Highlights: Security Headers


NOTE This blog post is no longer maintained. Refer to the Headers documentation for up to date information about Spring Security’s Headers.

Original Article

This is my last post in a two part series on Spring Security 3.2.0.RC1. My previous post discussed Spring Security's CSRF protection. In this post we will discuss how to use Spring Security to add various response headers to help secure your application.

Security Headers

Many of the new Spring Security features in 3.2.0.RC1 are implemented by adding headers to the response. The foundation for these features came from hard work from Marten Deinum. If the name sounds familiar, it may because one of his 10K+ posts on the Spring Forums has helped you out.

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Spring Batch 3.0 Milestone 1 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the first milestone release towards Spring Batch 3.0 (download). With this release we take our first steps towards implementing the JSR-352 Java Batch specification. Spring Batch is a lightweight, comprehensive framework for the development of robust batch applications.


JSR-352 is billed as the standardization of batch processing for the java platform. As part of that standardization, this JSR has included three main pieces:

  • A XML based DSL for configuring jobs

  • An API for creating job related components (readers/writers/etc)

  • An API and description of behavior for a supporting classes and concepts

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Free Spring - Hadoop Conference in Singapore

We are glad to announce that we will host a FREE conference about Spring and Hadoop on Friday August 30th in downtown Singapore from 6 to 8 PM.

Spring best practices: from Spring Petclinic to Spring Data Hadoop

Michael Isvy joined SpringSource (the company behind Spring, now part of Pivotal) in 2008. He has, since then, taught Spring to more than 1000 students in 10 different countries. He has presented on Spring at numerous conferences and is an active technical blogger on the SpringSource blog. Michael holds the position of Education Manager for the Asia-Pacific region at SpringSource/Pivotal.

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