Groovy 2.3 Released

The Groovy development team is pleased to announce the release of Groovy 2.3.0!

Groovy 2.3 is the new major release of the Groovy programming language for the JVM, featuring:

  • official support for running Groovy on JDK 8
  • a new trait keyword to define new units of code for composing behaviors
  • new and improved compile-time code transformations like:
    • @TailRecursive: for transforming methods with tail recursion to avoid blowing the stack,
    • @Builder: to easily implement fluent builders, generated by the Groovy compiler itself
    • @Sortable: to transform a class to implement Comparable using the various properties of the class
  • a new NIO2 module with Path support
  • lightening fast JSON parsing and building as covered in the recent article on InfoQ
  • closure parameter type inference, to infer the type of parameters in closures when using the static type checker and static compiler
  • a markup template engine
  • Groovysh and GroovyConsole ease of use improvements
  • a new GroovyAssert test utility
  • more @BaseScript class capabilities, and more.

Preview Spring Security Test: Method Security

Updated March 31 2015
This blog is outdated and no longer maintained. Please refer to the Test Section of the reference documentation for updated documentation.

On Monday I announced the release of Spring Security 4.0.0.M1. This is the first of a three part blog series introducing the Spring Security Testing support. The series outline can be seen below: