Meetup Replay: Querying and scripting in Hadoop

Kailashnath Kutti has more than three years of hands-on work experience working on some of the largest Hadoop projects. For the SingaSUG (Singapore Spring User Group), Kailash puts side by side all the ways to do queries and scripts in Hadoop: MapReduce, Pig, Hive, SQL, Spring XD... You'll get a clear answer to questions such as: - Should you use MapReduce? - When to use Pig and Hive? Do they have limitations? - When to use Spring XD? Kailash is a presales engineer working for pivotal and based in Singapore.


Further Cache Improvements in Spring 4.1

This post is a follow-up of my earlier post related to JSR-107. Adding JSR-107 support gave us the opportunity to review our own and see how the two can live happily together. Spring 4.1 also contains a series of improvements reported by the community.

I am also happy to announce that a new getting started guide dedicated to the cache abstraction has been published, check Caching Data with Spring!


One of the nicest features we found in JSR-107 was the ability to resolve the cache to use at runtime, that is based on the actual method execution. So far, our own support was relying on cache name(s) being specified at the annotation (or aspect definition) level. Several issues were raised to report that when more than one CacheManager is used, it is required to be able to customize the manager to which those names were resolved to.