Spring Integration Java DSL: Line by line tutorial

Dear Spring Community!

Just after the Spring Integration Java DSL 1.0 GA release announcement I want to introduce the Spring Integration Java DSL to you as a line by line tutorial based on the classic
Cafe Demo integration sample.
We describe here Spring Boot support, Spring Framework Java and Annotation configuration, the IntegrationFlow feature and pay tribute to Java 8 Lambda support which was an inspiration for the DSL style. Of course, it is all backed by the Spring Integration Core project.


Spring Cloud 1.0.0.M3 Available Now

Spring Cloud 1.0.0.M3 is available now in the repo.spring.io repository. The following projects all had a 1.0.0.M3 release:

  • Spring Cloud Config: centralized key-value (or YAML) configuration management. Now supports the config server being fully embedded in another application.

  • Spring Cloud Netflix. Also has better support for embeddability of the server components. Now also properly records load balancer statistics in Ribbon-enabled Spring RestTemplate.

  • Spring Cloud for Amazon Web Services. Has new Spring Boot integration points, externalizing configuration for AWS metadata.

  • Spring Cloud Security: super simple OAuth2 in a declarative style.

  • Spring Cloud Bus: broadcasts framework-level events to Spring Cloud components. Big news here is that we now have a RabbitMQ-based aggregator for Hystrix metrics (based on Turbine 2), so you don't have to rely on having direct HTTP access to all service instances.

  • Spring Cloud CLI: Groovy CLI for writing microservices in self-contained scripts.

  • Spring Cloud for Cloud Foundry: now bridges between Spring Cloud Security and Cloud Foundry service bindings, making it super easy to do Single Sign On and OAutth2 protected resources in Cloud Foundry.


This Week in Spring - November 25th, 2014

Egads! Can you believe it's already almost the end of the year? Time has been screaming fast! It's the week of Thanksgiving for those of us in the United States. This is a wonderful time of year to sit back, find a nice Spring IO guide or blog to read, and then build something awesome.. oh, and it's an ideal time to spend in the company of friends and family and to reflect on those and that for which we're grateful. I'm sure I speak for the Spring team and Pivotal at large when I say that we're grateful for you, our inspiring community, users and customers.