Spring Framework 3.2.x EOL on Dec 31, 2016

Dear Spring community,

The Spring team hereby announces that the Spring Framework 3.2.x line will reach End-Of-Life status at the end of 2016 (along with Apache Tomcat 6.x). We keep publishing occasional 3.2.x maintenance releases up until that point and will then end the branch.

Please prepare for upgrading to Spring Framework 4.x in time. The current Spring Framework 4 generation will remain in active maintenance until 2019, based on the upcoming 4.3 feature release next year - similar to the extended life that 3.2.x is in at the moment.


Cache auto-configuration in Spring Boot 1.3

Over the past year, we have significantly improved the cache abstraction, with support of JSR-107 (JCache) annotations and a better declarative model to share or externalize common settings. In Spring Boot 1.3, we now offer a comprehensive auto-configuration for it.

In a nutshell, the cache abstraction applies caching to methods, thus reducing the number of executions based on the information available in the cache. The caching logic is applied transparently: the method below will only be invoked if the specified ISBN is not already present in the books cache. Upon calling that method for a missing Book, the caches will be updated transparently so that a further call does not invoke the method again.


Introducing Spring Social Evernote

This post is a guest post by community member Tadaya Tsuyukubo (@ttddyy), creator of the Spring Social Slideshare project. Thanks Tadaya! I’d like to see more of these guest posts, so - as usual - don’t hesitate to ping me! -Josh

Spring Social Evernote is one of the community modules in the Spring Social ecosystem. It is a service provider implementation for Evernote. It allows developers to work with the Evernote SDK for Java with idiomatic Spring idioms.

Evernote takes a unique approach for providing their APIs to developers. They have created language specific SDKs based on Thrift serialization format. Dave Engberg, CTO of Evernote, explained the motivations for choosing Thrift in this blog.