Spring Framework 4.2 goes GA

Dear Spring community,

It’s my pleasure to announce that Spring Framework 4.2 is now generally available from repo.spring.io as well as Maven Central! This is a feature release in the 4.x line, compatible with Java 6 and 7 as well as Java 8, with a focus on core refinements and modern web capabilities:

  • Annotation detection on Java 8 default methods (e.g. @Bean)
  • Annotation-based application events (@EventListener)
  • First-class support for annotation attribute aliases (@AliasFor)
  • Full nested path processing for direct field binding
  • Data binding and conversion for JSR-354 Money & Currency
  • Integration with Hibernate ORM 5.0 (natively and via JPA)
  • Standards-based bean scripting via JSR-223 (JRuby, JavaScript)
  • JSR-223 based web views (with a focus on JavaScript on Nashorn)
  • Rich support for CORS and declarative HTTP caching
  • First-class support for HTTP Streaming and Server-Sent Events
  • CompletableFuture for handler methods and @Async methods
  • Support for Jackson’s @JsonView on STOMP endpoint methods
  • A STOMP client for use over TCP and WebSocket channels
  • MockMvc HtmlUnit integration for easy local testing of web pages
  • Integration tests can alternatively be executed with JUnit rules
  • And, as always, many further refinements in the details.