Reactor Core 3.0 becomes a unified Reactive Foundation on Java 8

Following our Reactor 2.5 introduction, we shifted the version to 3.0 to reflect better the major redesign effort overtaken.

A meaningful composition API

The former reactor-stream module has been merged into Reactor Core 3.0. Flux and Mono respectively representing 0..N and 0..1 sequence types now cover a solid range of operations for the following categories:

  • Cold-to-Hot or Multicasting : publish, publishNext, cache, multicast
  • Aggregating/Reducing (Transforming) : buffer, reduce, scan, window, sample
  • Filtering : filter, exists, single
  • Conditioning : timeout, take, takeUntil, skip, skipUntil
  • Combining : withLatestFrom, combineLatest
  • Backpressuring : onBackpressureDrop, onBackpressureLatest