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SpringOne Platform 2016 Recap: Day 2

by Josh Long and Pieter Humphrey

The excitement has continued at full speed ahead! Today we continued the exploration of how Pivotal is empowering developers to deliver better software and business value for their organizations.


Reactive has been a key theme at SpringOne Platform 2016. Microservices highlight the need for reactive programming. It’s a truly intense moment for the Spring team as they (re)consider a decade of synchronous programming practices and implementation. While we are starting with the an MVC-like model in web applications, modern cloud native application will ultimately require reactive options from end to end. This is just the beginning.

Reactive programming is but the latest in a torrent of innovations, as evidenced by the download stats:

Today we saw talks on distributed tracing..

and on how to consume Spring Cloud Services to move above the value line for cloud-native applications and focus instead on the business logic.

We saw exciting new project announcements..

and updates to old favorites..

and examples on how developers are winning at scale with Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud:

Keynote Highlights

We saw Google make a splash during their appearance in the keynote..

where we learned that we’ll be able to consume Google Cloud Platform’s capabilities with PivotalCF by the end of the year which means Spring Boot developers will be able to consume Google’s data services natively.

and then we learned that PivotalCF is a key enabler for Java workloads on Microsoft!

Microsoft Azure is offering an OSS bear hug!

And we’re looking forward to hearing from Java luminary Simon Ritter tomorrow as he presents on Java 8 and JDK 9.

Winning with Software & Developers

Software is what is making or breaking modern organizations. Developers are the kingmakers of this new era where the pace of change has hit unprecedented levels. From telco to finance, media to manufacturing, change is happening.

And that’s a wrap!

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