Spring Cloud Stream Brooklyn.SR2 and Chelsea.M1 released

On behalf of the community, I am happy to announce the release of Spring Cloud Stream Brooklyn.SR2 and Chelsea.M1 release trains. As part of the next installment to Brooklyn release train, Brooklyn.SR2 adds a number of new features and fixes. The next release train Chelsea.M1 builds on top of Spring Boot 1.5 and a contains a core improvement listed below.

What is new?

A few highlights of the improved areas:

  • Schema Registry Support: fixed issues related to using the Schema Registry server, in particular support for MySQL and Postgresql;
  • Aggregate Applications: improved support for property propagation via namespaces;
  • Reactive support: Aligns declarative (e.g. reactive) handler support with imperative mode, which makes it easier to seamlessly adopt a functional programming model. In particular, this adds support for the following idiom: