Spring Boot for Apache Geode & Pivotal GemFire 1.1.2.RELEASE and 1.2.0.RC1 Available

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On behalf of the Spring, Apache Geode, Pivotal GemFire and Pivotal Cloud Cache communities, I am pleased to announce the release of Spring Boot for Apache Geode, Pivotal GemFire and Pivotal Cloud Cache (PCC) 1.1.2.RELEASE as well as 1.2.0.RC1.

SBDG 1.1.2.RELEASE builds on Spring Boot 2.1.9.RELEASE and is available in Maven Central.

SBDG 1.2.0.RC1 builds on Spring Boot 2.2.0.RC1 and is available in the Spring Milestone Repository.

Additionally, SBDG 1.2.0.RC1 bits can be included in a project generated with the Spring Initializer at https://start.spring.io. Simply type "Geode" in the "Search dependencies to add" input field and you will see the "Spring for Apache Geode" dependency appear as an option you can add. This includes the spring-geode-starter dependency in your project Maven or Gradle build files when you generate a project using the Initializer. Check it out!

What’s New

Both SBDG 1.1.2.RELEASE and 1.2.0.RC1 fix a critical issue in the auto-configuration support for automatically configuring a GemfireTemplate instance per Region declared in the Spring context as a bean. See Issue #55.

Additionally, SBDG 1.1.2.RELEASE includes:

  • Upgrades to Spring Framework 2.1.10.RELEASE

  • Upgrades to Spring Boot 2.1.9.RELEASE

  • Upgrades to Spring Data Lovelace-SR11/2.1.11.RELEASE

  • Upgrades to Spring Session Bean-SR8

  • Upgrades to Spring Session for Apache Geode & Pivotal GemFire 2.1.6.RELEASE.

See the SBDG 1.1.2.RELEASE changelog for more details.

SBDG 1.2.0.RC1 includes:

  • New Sample with Guide and Example Code on "Getting Started" with SBDG. The guide walks you through creating an SBDG application with *Spring Initializer*, first using Apache Geode locally, then running in a client/server topology, and finally deploying the application to a Pivotal Platform environment using Pivotal Cloud Cache without any code or configuration changes.

  • Includes a new Smoke Tests test suite to ensure common use cases and functions with SBDG work correctly.

  • Upgrades to Spring Framework 5.2.0.RELEASE

  • Upgrades to Spring Boot 2.2.0.RC1

  • Upgrades to Spring Data Moore-RELEASE/2.2.0.RELEASE

  • Upgrades to Spring Session Corn-RC1

  • Upgrades to Spring Session for Apache Geode & Pivotal GemFire 2.2.0.RC1

See the SBDG 1.2.0.RC1 changelog for more details.

What’s Next

All roads lead to a SBDG 1.2 GA release (i.e. 1.2.0.RELEASE) now, just after Spring Boot 2.2 GAs in mid-October. So, feedback between now and then is important if you would like to see something in SBDG 1.2 before final GA.

After that, SBDG 1.3 will be in development and we are planning a bit of project reorganization to more closely align with Spring Boot’s GitHub project organization, making the project more intuitive to find things.


We want to hear from you! Your feedback is crucial to the development of this project, and it is definitely most welcomed and appreciated. So, give the new bits a try and let us know what you think.

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