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Spring Security OAuth


End of Life Notice

The Spring Security OAuth project has reached end of life and is no longer actively maintained by VMware, Inc.

This project has been replaced by the OAuth2 support provided by Spring Security and Spring Authorization Server.

Spring Initializr

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Branch Initial Release End of Support End Commercial Support *
2020-05-28 2022-05-28 2022-05-28

OSS support

Free security updates and bugfixes with support from the Spring community. See VMware Tanzu OSS support policy.

Commercial support

Business support from Spring experts during the OSS timeline, plus extended support after OSS End-Of-Life.
Publicly available releases for critical bugfixes and security issues when requested by customers.

Future release

Generation not yet released, timeline is subject to changes.

About commercial support (*)

This page shows the current state of project releases and does not define the commercial support policy. Please refer to the official support policy for more information.