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Spring Framework 4.0 M2: WebSocket Messaging Architectures
to Reactor-based implementations of MessageChannel for message passing. The Reactor project that recently released a first milestone is also used to manage TCP connections between the application and the message broker. You can see the full application configuration that also includes the new Spring Security
Spring project infrastructure updates
process” section below. For now, check out the SpringSource organization at GitHub if you haven’t already; you’ll see we’ve been busy as usual. Artifact management The SpringSource repository at http://repo.springsource.org is an Artifactory instance dedicated to hosting snapshot, milestone, RC and GA versions
Chatting in the Cloud: Part 1
The ‘component-scan’ element enables the @Contoller-annotated class to be registered as a Spring-managed object, and it also activates the support for @Autowired. The two elements with the ‘mvc’ prefix simply setup the MVC @RequestMapping support and enable
Spring Framework 3.1 M1 released
walk through each of the major features. Even in the first milestone there’s already a lot to talk about! Bean definition profiles Unified property management through Spring's new Environment abstraction Enhancements to Java-based configuration with @Feature methods Expanded MVC namespace support and a
Spring Security in Google App Engine
return; } } catch (AuthenticationException e) { // Authentication information was rejected by the authentication manager failureHandler.onAuthenticationFailure((HttpServletRequest)request, (HttpServletResponse)response, e); return; }
Spring Security 3.0.0.M1 Released
namespace. org.springframework.security.config spring-security-ldap LDAP authentication and provisioning code. If you need to use LDAP authentication or manage LDAP user entries. org.springframework.security.ldap spring-security-acl Domain object ACL implementation. If you need to apply security to specific
Spring Integration on dm Server
Update your bundle repository and install Spring Integration Core 1.0.1 and Commons Logging 1.1.1 double click the newly created server a server management console opens select the repository tab and click 'Update local bundle and library repository index' search for Spring Integration and download the
Open Source, Open Strategy: The SpringSource Manifesto
applications (as in SpringSource Tool Suite), or the operational experience of running those products in production (as in SpringSource Application Management Suite). They do not define programming model or deployment model, but enhance the experience obtainable by using the first two categories of product
Completing the picture: Spring, OSGi, and the SpringSource Application Platform
“deploy to server” options work too. Here’s how the server looks when it’s running inside Eclipse: And this screenshot shows how the classpath is managed with a “Bundle Dependencies” classpath container. Notice how packages that you have not imported in your manifest file are greyed out to indicate that
Consuming a SOAP web service
providing QuoteConfiguration.class as an argument to its run() method. This tells Spring to read the annotation metadata from QuoteConfiguration and to manage it as a component in the Spring application context. This application is hard coded to look up zip code 94304, Palo Alto, CA. Towards the end of this