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Spring XD 1.0 Milestone 1 Released
Hive, or Cascading jobs, on the cluster.  We will also be providing additional libraries for metrics such as aggregate counters, HTTP/JMX based management, as well as some high performing sources based on the Reactor project so stay tuned! We would love to hear your feedback as we continue working hard
Spring Framework 4.0 M1: WebSocket Support
automatically connect to a remote endpoint, start processing messages and stop when the application shuts down. You can do that with a connection manager as shown below where the WebSocket connection is established and closed when the Spring ApplicationContext is refreshed or closed respectively: import
Rapid Cloud Foundry Deployments with Maven
Foundry Maven Plugin to integrate with applications’ development lifecycle, including deployment to the cloud.  The same Maven plugin can be used to manage application pushes and updates to any Cloud Foundry instance. One of Cloud Foundry’s main promises is to make your life as a developer a whole lot
Spring Social 1.0: What a Year Makes
I’m looking forward to seeing where Spring Social goes from here. I’d love to see streaming support for the Twitter and Facebook API bindings, user management capabilities, an invitation system, enhanced OAuth provider support, tighter Spring Security integration, and more. What do you want to see? I hope
Better DSL support in Groovy-Eclipse
changes will immediately be picked up in all your Groovy scripts and files. Congratulations! You have now implemented your first DSLD. You can view and manage all of the DSLDs in your workspace from the Groovy -> DSLD preference page: From here, you can enable/disable individual scripts as well as choose
Springing Ahead Toward The Open PaaS
developers who want to write code—ensuring that they need only to write the right code. Its round tripping support extends to the UI layer, updating managed artifacts based on user code changes. While we respect the fact that many in the Spring community wish to benefit from choice at a fine-grained level
Write your Google App Engine applications in Groovy
JVM would run well on this exciting platform. After having created together some patches for Groovy, in the area of constrained and strict security manager policies, the Groovy development team integrated these patches and released the updated Groovy 1.6.1 version in line for the D-Day. With this new release
Building Spring 3
be aware, Spring sources are now hosted at springsource.org and, unlike previous versions of Spring that were controlled under CVS, Spring 3 is now managed using Subversion. Before we check out the sources, let’s take a quick look at the layout of the repository. [email protected]:~$ svn ls https://src.springsource
More on Java Configuration
configuration. They can ask for dependencies, for autowiring and can even specify their scope. The injection still occurs (that is the objects are still managed by the container), but some parts of your configuration are now contained by your objects. With JavaConfig you can configure your objects without any
Spring Social Facebook Reference
the ID of the friend list: List friends = facebook.friendOperations().getFriendListMembers("193839228"); FriendOperations also supports management of friend lists.For example, the createFriendList() method will create a new friend list for the user: Reference collegeFriends = facebook.friendOperations()