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VMware vFabric GemFire 6.5: modern data management for modern applications
Colocated transactions: If each logical partition were to own the entire transactional working set then highly applications can scale linearly if the concurrent transaction load is uniformly spread across the data set and hence across all the partitions. Each partition can coordinate its transaction without
ConfigurationCheck (Spring Data Graph Distribution 1.1.0.RELEASE API)
Validates correct configuration of Neo4j and Spring, especially transaction-managers
GemfireCacheTransactionsConfiguration (Spring Data GemFire 2.0.2.RELEASE API)
enable Spring's Transaction Management infrastructure along with SDG's GemfireTransactionManagerto manage local, cache transactions for either Pivotal GemFire or Apache Geode. Declares and registers SDG's GemfireTransactionManager as the transactionManagerin Spring's Transaction Management infrastructure
BatchMessageListenerContainer (Spring Batch 4.0.0.RELEASE API)
advice provided through configuration. To enable batching of messages in a single transaction, use theTransactionInterceptor and the RepeatOperationsInterceptor inthe advice chain (with or without a transaction manager set in the baseclass). Instead of receiving a single message and processing it, thecontainer
BookmarkManager (Spring Data Neo4j 5.0.2.RELEASE API)
Bookmark manager keeps track of Neo4j transaction bookmarks Return stored bookmarks Stores bookmark to this manager Return stored bookmarks Stores bookmark to this manager
FlowStepBuilder (Spring Batch 4.0.0.RELEASE API)
Build a step that executes the flow provided, normally composed of other steps. The flow is not executed in atransaction because the individual steps are supposed to manage their own transaction state.
MessageRejectedWhileStoppingException (Spring AMQP 2.0.1.RELEASE API)
Exception class that indicates a rejected message on shutdown. Used to trigger a rollback for anexternal transaction manager in that case.
EnableGemfireCacheTransactions (Spring Data GemFire 2.0.2.RELEASE API)
The EnableGemfireCacheTransactions annotation enables Pivotal GemFire or Apache Geode Cache Transactionsin Spring's Transaction Management infrastructure.
SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: Spring Data and In-memory Data Management in Action
-data-and-inmemory-data-management-in-action-64852094 In this session we will be presenting and coding a live Spring Boot-based application powered by Apache Geode (a.k.a. Pivotal GemFire) running on Cloud Foundry. Attendees will learn in-memory computing and data management concepts including data access
Neo4jTransactionManager (Spring Data Neo4j 5.0.2.RELEASE API)
thread-bound session and participatesin such transactions automatically. It is required for Neo4j OGM access codesupporting this transaction management mechanism. This transaction manager is appropriate for applications that use a singleNeo4j OGM SessionFactory for transactional data access. JTA (usually throughorg