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Spring Boot 1.1.5 released
We are pleased to announce that Spring Boot 1.1.5 has been released and is available from repo.spring.io and Maven Central. This release addresses a number of issues and is a recommended upgrade for all Spring Boot users. For a complete list of changes please refer to the issue tracker. Project Page
Spring Boot 1.1.4 released
We are pleased to announce that Spring Boot 1.1.4 has been released and is available from repo.spring.io and Maven Central. This release addresses a number of bugs, adds support for the first stable release of Tomcat 8 (8.0.9), and also provides improved logging configuration that allows you to configure
Spring Boot 1.1.3 Available Now
Spring Boot 1.1.3 is available now in Maven Central. This was primarily a bugfix release for Windows users needing the executable JAR features of Spring Boot, but several other issues were resolved, and there are plenty of documentation and third-party version updates too. Thanks again to all the people
Spring Boot 1.1 GA Released
Spring Boot 1.1.1 has been released and is available now from repo.spring.io and maven central. This release will form part of the Spring IO Platform and offers a number of new features and improvements over 1.0. For upgrade instructions and “new and noteworthy” features please see the release notes
Spring Boot 1.0 GA Released
On behalf of the entire Spring Boot team, I am very pleased to announce the general availability of Spring Boot 1.0! You can download the 1.0.1 with an important security fix here. You'll find everything you need to get going at projects.spring.io/spring-boot, and from our ever-growing collection of
Deploying Spring Boot Applications
forget to check out the Spring IO guides, most of which build on Spring Boot! I’d love to carry this discussion forward online. I want to know what other questions you want answered in your investigation of Spring Boot, so don’t be shy. I’ll be doing a virtual JUG on Spring Boot on April 9th, 2014, live
Spring Boot 1.0.0.RC2 Released
the same command from the embedded shell: $ spring shell Spring Boot (v1.0.0.RC2) Hit TAB to complete. Type 'help' and hit RETURN for help, and 'exit' to quit. $ jar webapp.jar web.groovy $ !java -jar webapp.jar Gradle version numbers The Spring Boot gradle plugin has been updated so that you can
Spring Boot 1.0.0.RC1 Released
We are pleased to announce the first release candidate of Spring Boot v1.0.0. This release contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous milestone. Binaries have been published to the Spring Maven Repository, please take a look at the project page for download instructions and Maven/Gradle
Spring Boot 0.5.0.M6 Released
Spring Boot 0.5.0.M6 has been released and is now available in the Spring repo. Instructions for installing and using are on the project website or in github. There are loads of updates in this release, including: Auto-configuration reports to let you know what Spring Boot is doing on your behalf Remote
Spring Boot 0.5.0.M5 Released
automatically): @Grab("spring-boot-starter-actuator") @RestController class Example { @RequestMapping("/") String home() { [message: 'Hello World'] } } This app runs on its own, e.g. in the current directory if you use the spring shell script to launch it: $ spring run app.groovy ... (app