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PseudoTransactionManager (Spring Integration 5.0.0.RELEASE API)
An implementation of PlatformTransactionManager that provides transaction-like semantics toMessageSources that are not inherently transactional. It does not make suchsources transactional; rather, together with a TransactionSynchronizationFactory, it providesthe ability to synchronize operations after
RedisOperations (Spring Data Redis 2.0.2.RELEASE API)
result in storeKey. Watch given key for modifications during transaction started with multi(). Watch given keys for modifications during transaction started with multi(). Flushes all the previously watch(Object) keys. Mark the start of a transaction block. Commands will be queued and can then be executed
ContainerProperties (Spring Kafka 2.1.0.RELEASE API)
commitAsync() when thecontainer is responsible for commits. Set the transaction manager to start a transaction; only AbstractMessageListenerContainer.AckMode.RECORD andAbstractMessageListenerContainer.AckMode.BATCH (default) are supported with transactions. Set the message listener; must be a MessageListeneror
TaskExecutorRepeatTemplate (Spring Batch 4.0.0.RELEASE API)
implementation is sufficient to be used to configure transactionalbehaviour for each item by making the RepeatCallback transactional,or for the whole batch by making the execute method transactional (but onlythen if the task executor is synchronous). This class is thread-safe if its collaborators are thread-safe
ConnectionFactoryUtils.ResourceFactory (Spring AMQP 2.0.1.RELEASE API)
whether to allow for a local RabbitMQ transaction that is synchronized with a Spring-managedtransaction (where the main transaction might be a JDBC-based one for a specific DataSource, for example),with the RabbitMQ transaction committing right after the main transaction. Fetch an appropriate Channel from
IntegrationResourceHolderSynchronization (Spring Integration 5.0.0.RELEASE API)
IntegrationResourceHolder. Specify if the resourceHolder should be unbound from the Thread Local storeat transaction completion or not. Specify if the resourceHolder should be unbound from the Thread Local storeat transaction completion or not. Default true.
RedisCacheManager (Spring Data Redis 2.0.2.RELEASE API)
CacheManager backed by a Redis cache. This cache manager creates caches upon first write. Empty caches are not visible on Redis due to how Redis representsempty data structures. Caches requiring a different RedisCacheConfiguration than the default configuration can be specified viaRedisCacheManager.
DeploymentConfiguration (Spring XD 1.3.2.RELEASE API)
Configuration class that holds the beans required for deployment management.
GemfireIndexException (Spring Data GemFire 2.0.2.RELEASE API)
Gemfire-specific subclass thrown on Index management.
MulticasterBatchListener (Spring Batch 4.0.0.RELEASE API)
marked for rollback. It is invokedafter transaction rollback. While the rollback will have occurred,transactional resources might still be active and accessible. Due tothis, data access code within this callback will still "participate" inthe original transaction unless it declares that it run in its owntransaction