Alberto C. Ríos

Alberto C. Ríos

Software Engineer - Spring Cloud Services | Sevilla, Spain

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Spring Cloud Gateway and gRPC

Engineering | December 08, 2021 | ...

Starting from version 3.1.0 as part of the Spring Cloud 2021.0.0 (aka Jubilee) release train, Spring Cloud Gateway included support for gRPC and HTTP/2.

We will introduce the basic concepts behind gRPC and how to configure it with two examples:

  • One that showcases how Spring Cloud Gateway can transparently re-route gRPC traffic without needing to know the proto definition and without having to modify our existing gRPC servers.

  • Another that showcases how we can create a custom filter in Spring Cloud Gateway to transform a JSON payload to a gRPC message.

Introduction to gRPC and HTTP/2


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