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Ben Wilcock

Ben Wilcock

Product Marketing Manager for Spring

Bristol, United Kingdom

Ben is hugely passionate about Spring and the many ways in which it changes peoples lives for the better. Having had a long career in software, spanning roles in development, analysis, design, and consultancy, he’s experienced first-hand the many challenges that face producers of software at all levels. As Pivotal’s Principal Product Marketing Manager for Spring, Ben hopes to promote the advantages of Spring to the widest possible audience so that they too can benefit from its incredible flexibility, diversity, interoperability, and productivity.
Blog Posts by Ben Wilcock

Has there ever been a better time to become a Java developer?

Surely there’s never been a better time to become a Java developer?

There are productivity tools available these days that would have been mind-blowing just five years ago.

Take Spring Boot for example. Many people reading this on the Spring website may be familiar with Spring Boot. But let’s take a moment to acknowledge its awesomeness.

Years ago, if you were going to use the Spring Framework in your application, you had to be OK with a certain amount of configuration toil creeping into your day. But it wasn’t nice friendly configuration like, (ah, actually, sorry, I can’t think of an example of ‘friendly configuration’), it was nasty XML configuration with a side order of XSD, eww!