Dariusz Jędrzejczyk

Dariusz Jędrzejczyk

Project Reactor | Kraków, Poland

Dariusz is a member of the Project Reactor team. He is passionate about developer productivity, distributed systems, concurrency, system design, and networking. Dariusz has commercial experience in Platform Engineering, having designed and maintained high scale systems supporting microservice architecture. He also delivered consulting and training in Java and Big Data solutions.
Blog posts by Dariusz Jędrzejczyk

Context Propagation with Project Reactor 3 - Unified Bridging between Reactive and Imperative

Engineering | March 30, 2023 | ...

We concluded the last article with the thought that Spring Cloud Sleuth’s MANUAL context propagation strategy is both performant and provides correct semantics. Out of many experiences, the Spring, Micrometer, and Reactor teams created a new context-propagation library. Its goal is to encapsulate the concern of transporting contextual data between ThreadLocal values and Map-like structures. Both Micrometer 1.10 and Reactor 3.5 build on top of it to provide a first-class experience between Reactor and imperative code. By using Reactor Context, we implicitly expose ThreadLocal values that are…

Context Propagation with Project Reactor 2 - The bumpy road of Spring Cloud Sleuth

Engineering | March 29, 2023 | ...

Spring Cloud Sleuth recently became Micrometer Tracing, part of the Micrometer project. Most of the tracing instrumentation is centered within Micrometer under the new Observability API. The goal of these projects is to enable observability of any application – in the form of metrics, tracing, and logs that contain correlation identifiers. To achieve this goal, libraries require a way to transport contextual information. When applications deal with asynchrony in any form, that task becomes quite a challenge. In the previous article, we went through the basics of context propagation with

Context Propagation with Project Reactor 1 - The Basics

Engineering | March 28, 2023 | ...

Spring Boot 3 and Spring Framework 6 brought us a unified and consistent way to enable Observability in applications that use Micrometer. The evolution from Spring Cloud Sleuth to Micrometer, along with the Observation API and Micrometer Tracing, made us consolidate various approaches to context propagation. In this blog post series, we aim to explain how we came to support context propagation in Project Reactor to meet the needs of imperative libraries. By building your understanding from the ground up, you will be able to use these constructs and understand what’s happening underneath. We…

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