Christian Tzolov

Christian Tzolov

Spring Cloud Data Flow, Spring Cloud Function, Spring Integration | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Spring Engineer at VMware; Committer, PMC member at Apache Software Foundation. Anything about Integration and Interoperability Architectures, Distributed and Data-Intensive Systems
Blog posts by Christian Tzolov

Spring Cloud Function for Azure Function

Engineering | March 02, 2023 | ...

What is the Spring Cloud Function?

Spring Cloud Function is a SpringBoot-based framework allowing users to concentrate on their business logic by implementing them as Java Functions (i.e., Supplier, Function, Consumer). In turn the framework provides necessary abstraction to enable execution of these functions in various environments (e.g., REST, Streaming) as well as serverless environments such as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions, without having to worry about the underlying platform-specific details. This allows developers to focus on writing their business logic and let the framework handle…

Case Study: Change Data Capture (CDC) Analysis with CDC Debezium source and Analytics sink in Real-Time

Engineering | December 14, 2020 | ...

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