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New SpringSource Tutorials available on Youtube

For developers who are interested in tutorials and eLearning we have launched three instructional videos on Youtube. These tutorials focus on Gemfire, Hyperic and tc Server.

Programming with Gemfire: An Introduction to Gemfire 6.5 teaches:

  • Gemfire: An Overview
  • Gemfire Topologies
  • Gemfire Architecture
  • Gemfire Installation
  • Cache Management

Click here to watch the Gemfire Tutorial

Hyperic Basics contains the following topics:

  • Features of Hyperic
  • Hyperic Architecture

Click here to watch the Hyperic Tutorial


Video: Spring Your Application to Cloud Foundry

If you missed the recent Cloud Foundry webinar that covered Spring development, you can catch the video replay on the Cloud Foundry YouTube channel. In this video, Ramnivas Laddad shows you how to take a real Spring application and target it to Cloud Foundry using both STS and the vmc command line.

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