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Spring Security 3.2.8 Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Security 3.2.8.RELEASE. This release focusses on fixing major issues. For complete details on the release, refer to the Change Log.

While we will continue to support the 3.2.x line for some time, we encourage everyone to update to 4.x. To make this transition easy, we have a very detailed migration guide complete with sample migrations and a diff. If you have any problems migrating, create a StackOverflow question with the spring-security tag. If you don’t get a response within a reasonable amount of time feel free to ping me at @rob_winch or in the comments below.


Spring Security 4.0.2 Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Security 4.0.2.RELEASE. This release is the second maintenance release of the 4.0 line and focusses on fixing any major issues that were found in the new release. For complete details on the release, refer to the Change Log.

Along with lots of bug fixes, the highlights of this release include:

Support for Spring Framework 4.2

Spring Framework 4.2 GA is just around the corner. Spring Security 4.0.2 fixes some issues when running with Spring Framework 4.2. We are also rerunning our entire test suite using Spring Framework 4.2.


This Week in Spring - July 21, 2015

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I’m in Denver, CO, at the amazing UberConf conference! As usual, we’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get to it.

  • Spring framework lead Juergen Hoeller just announced Spring framework 4.2 RC3 and a (slightly delayed!) timeline for Spring 4.2 RELEASE: July 30
  • Disid corporation just announced Spring Roo 2.0.0.M1
  • my pal Kenny Bastani gives a very comprehensive look at building microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. Read this first!
  • the VP of the cloud platform group, James Watters, put out a very nice blog on the cloud-native journey
  • check out Bozhidar Bozhanov’s great post on Tomcat’s connectors.
  • Voxxed did a great interview with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud co-founder Dr. Dave Syer on the power of choice in Spring Cloud
  • Michael Nygard, who wrote one of my favorite books, Release It!, put together a great post on the fear cycle.
  • I loved this keynote from the CF Summit 2015 conference by Andy Zitney of Allstate Infrastructure Services: Developing the Freedom to Disrupt. In it, he walks through Allstate’s need to be able to react, faster, and their embrace of Pivotal Cloud Foundry. It’s only ~20 minutes, so I won’t spoil it.
  • I’m working on a talk and a blog called The Operationalized Application that demonstrates some of the amazing operations-centric features in Spring Boot 1.3 and I wanted to - in advance of the finished blog - share the example. There’s so much good stuff in Spring Boot 1.3, and this example only demonstrates a fraction of it, along with some other existing operations benefits: HATEOAS and the HAL browser; OpenTSDB metrics views, declarative HTTPS; executable .jars; Docker; Spring REST Docs-powered documentation for the Actuator endpoints; the remote shell; Git commit information in the Actuator /info endpoint, and more.
  • Check out this succinct interview with Randy Shoup for a good discussion of the challenges of embracing microservices at scale. Randy draws from his previous experiences at Google and eBay.

Spring Roo 2.0.0.M1 refactors addons, structures for collaboration

On behalf on the Spring Roo team at DISID Corporation, I am pleased to announce that Spring Roo 2.0.0.M1 has been released!

This first release of Spring Roo 2.0 is a large refactoring of Spring Roo project. We have moved Roo to be a smaller and easier to maintain project:

  • The OSGi container has been upgraded to OSGi R5.
  • Spring Roo has defined its runtime. The Roo runtime contains everything that is needed to execute addons and it doesn’t contain any addon. By not containing any addons it is easier to keep the Roo runtime more stable and backward compatible.
  • Today, Spring Roo is centered in Spring technologies - so addons like GWT and JSF have been moved to their own projects in order to be maintained by the Roo community.
  • The user guide has been migrated to ASCIIdoc.

Spring Framework 4.2 RC3 released / GA on July 30

Dear Spring community,

Spring Framework 4.2 is not going GA today quite yet, but it’s almost there: RC3 is available from now, as a last release candidate before we reach GA on the 30th of July. This release includes 50 fixes and improvements over RC2, waiting for you to try them!

We decided to do another release candidate for several reasons: e.g. our continued wait for Jackson 2.6 final and Hibernate ORM 5.0 final but also our recent build upgrade to Gradle 2.5 and some last-minute refinements within our 4.2 web story (based on RC1/RC2 feedback).


This Week in Spring - July 14th 2015

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring!

This week in I’m in Shanghai, China and Hangzhou, China and Shenzhen, China, talking to some of the world’s largest websites (of the same scale of Netflix!) about their use of Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. (More on that later!)

Anyway, without further ado..


Webinar Replay: A Spring Showcase: Turkcell's Personal Cloud Storage App

Webinar Replay: A Spring Showcase: Turkcell’s Personal Cloud Storage App

Speaker: Erdem Gunay


Turkcell launched a personal cloud storage service few years ago. Adding new business features was costly in terms of time and budget on the legacy solution. The user experience needed to be improved. Finally, it was decided to build a new solution where Spring Boot and Spring Framework projects play crucial role as the backbone. The project was completed just in 6 months starting from scratch. The solution was built on top of Spring Boot and many Spring IO Platform projects, allowing the development team focus on business logic instead of configuration & integration details. The project has been divided into deployable modules (API, backend, migration, test automation) accessing micro services that are responsible for one task only. Join Erdem for a review of the migration effort and new architecture - all enabled by Spring Boot.


Microservices with Spring


A simple example of setting up a microservices system using Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

Microservices allow large systems to be built up from a number of collaborating components. It does at the process level what Spring has always done at the component level: loosely coupled processes instead of loosely coupled components.

Shopping Application

For example imagine an online shop with separate microservices for user-accounts, product-catalog order-processing and shopping carts:

Inevitably there are a number of moving parts that you have to setup and configure to build such a system. How to get them working together is not obvious - you need to have good familiarity with Spring Boot since Spring Cloud leverages it heavily, several Netflix or other OSS projects are required and, of course, there is some Spring configuration “magic”!


Spring IO Platform 1.1.3 released

We are pleased to announce that Spring IO Platform 1.1.3.RELEASE is now available from both and Maven Central.

This maintenance release upgrades the versions of a number of the projects in the Platform to pick up their latest maintenance releases:

  • Spring AMQP 1.4.5
  • Spring Batch 3.0.4
  • Spring Boot 1.2.5
  • Spring Data Evans SR3
  • Spring Framework 4.1.7
  • Spring Integration 4.1.5
  • Spring LDAP 2.0.3
  • Spring Mobile 1.1.4
  • Spring Session 1.0.1
  • Spring Social 1.1.2
  • Spring Social Facebook 2.0.1

The versions of many third-party dependencies have also been updated.