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This Week in Spring - August 25th, 2015

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I’m in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the lovely QCon Rio conference, and then I’m off to Tokyo, Japan for a Spring in Summer conference for local Spring users!

The team is abuzz with excitement leading up to this year’s SpringOne2GX 2016, the biggest and best SpringOne2GX, ever! This year, you’re going to see us do WAY more with WAY less and get it to production, to boot! This is exciting for everyone of us and it will be for audience members, as well!


Spring for Apache Hadoop 2.3 Milestone 2 released

We are pleased to announce the Spring for Apache Hadoop 2.3 M2 milestone release.

The most important enhancements in this release:

  • New batch tasklets: Support for running a simple Spark app [SHDP-397] and for running a simple Sqoop2 Job [SHDP-506]
  • Better boot support: Add jobHistoryAddress to SpringHadoopProperties for Boot configuration [SHDP-517]
  • YARN: Support dots in yarn container group names [SHDP-515]

See the release changelog for details.

The new support for running a Spark job on YARN via a Spring Batch tasklet opens possibilities for integrating Spark tasks in a larger Spring Batch flow We will show a simple example of this at the upcoming SpringOne 2GX conference during our “Hadoop Workflows and Distributed YARN Apps using Spring technologies” presentation. In this presentation we’ll also explore how Hadoop based apps can take advantage of a cloud-native development approach.


Migrating a Spring Web MVC application from JSP to AngularJS

Note on authors

This post is a guest post by Han Lim and Tony Nguyen. Han and Tony have done a great presentation at our Singapore Spring User Group on Spring + Angular JS. This blog is based on their presentation.


In this article, we try to describe our experiences moving from server-side rendering view technologies like JSP, Struts and Velocity to client-side rendering view technologies using AngularJS, a popular Javascript framework for modern browsers. We will talk about some of the things to look out for when you are making this change and potential pitfalls you may encounter. If you are experienced in Spring Web MVC and JSP development and would like to find out how Spring MVC can work together with a client-side Javascript like AngularJS, this article may just be for you.


This Week in Spring - August 18, 2015

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! As usual, we’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get to it! This week I’m back in São Paulo, Brazil, to visit customers, then it’s off to Rio for QCon Rio! If you’re in either city, message me on Twitter and let’s grab a coffee!


Spring Boot 1.3.0.M4 Available Now

We’ve just released Spring Boot v1.3.0.M4 as we found an annoying regression with CloudFoundry deployment. This release includes additional fixes and improvements.

For a complete list of changes, see the Spring Boot 1.3 Release Notes on the wiki and the updated reference documentation.

Project Page | GitHub | Issues | Documentation

SpringOne 2GX 2015 is around the corner!

Book your place at SpringOne2GX in Washington, DC soon. It’s simply the best opportunity to find out first hand all that’s going on and to provide direct feedback.


Spring Integration 4.2 Release Candidate is Available

We are pleased to announce that the final release candidate for Spring Integration 4.2 (4.2.0.RC1) is now available in the spring milestone repository.

Features of this release include:

Security Context Propagation

The security context can now be propagated across ExecutorChannel and QueueChannels. The framework takes care of clearing the inherited security context when the downstream flow completes.

STOMP Client Channel Adapters

STOMP client-side channel adapters based on the support in Spring Framework 4.2 are now available (the initial work announced in milestone 1 is now complete).


Spring AMQP 1.5.0 Release Candidate Available

We are pleased to announce that the release candidate for the 1.5 release (1.5.0.RC1) is now available.

New features and improvements in this release include:

Enhanced HA Queue Support

The high availability queue support has been enhanced in that you can configure a listener container to connect to the broker that is currently the master for the container’s queue. If the connection is lost, the new master is determined and a connection to that broker is established.

RabbitTemplate Blocking Receive

It is now possible to use the the RabbitTemplate to receive ad-hoc messages. Previously, only a non-blocking receive() was available.


This Week in Spring - August 11, 2015

Welcome to another installation of This Week in Spring! As usual, we’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get to it!


Spring Roo 1.3.2 RC1 maintenance release now available

On behalf on the Spring Roo team at DISID Corporation, I am pleased to announce
that Spring Roo 1.3.2 RC1 released candidate is out.

Spring Roo is a rapid application development tool for Java,
allowing you to create full enterprise applications in just minutes.

Spring Roo jar files have been published to Maven Central.
As always, the release is available in the Spring IO repository.

The candidate release fixes the following issues:

  • Error adding InnerType constructor on ITD Generation ROO-3583
  • JavaBean implementing Interface defining getters and setters ROO-3584
  • JavaBean implementing Interface and overriding getter causing null pointer ROO-3585
  • Request loose additional parameters when change language ROO-3595
  • Add support to generate Generic Methods ROO-3648
  • Update Selenium to support later versions of Firefox ROO-3634
  • Add renderLabel attribute in form fields tags ROO-3639
  • JpaActiveRecord entity implementing interface with getId(): double generation ROO-3587
  • Update Tomcat7 Maven plugin version ROO-3652
  • Generate command “selenium all” ROO-3636
  • Add support to generate Generic Methods ROO-3648

Spring Boot 1.3.0.M3 Available Now

It is my pleasure to announce that Spring Boot v1.3.0.M3 is available now from the Spring milestone repository. This release includes 90 fixes and improvements and merges 38 pull-requests! Thanks again to everyone that has contributed.

Highlights of the new release include:

  • HTTP session persistence (enabled automatically with Devtools)
  • Configuration improvements for JMS and AMQP endpoints
  • Various Logback and log4j 2 improvements
  • Auto-configuration classes can now be excluded via configuration
  • Auto-configuration for embedded MongoDB
  • Auto-configuration for H2 web console