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Spring at JAX Germany 2015

Spring at JAX Germany 2015

The Spring Team is stacked for JAX Germany - and yes - even with some native German speakers from engineering!

JAX Germany has an excellent lineup of Spring, Microservice, Cloud Native App and Big Data speakers over three days. 12 speakers from Pivotal, Siemens, Inovex, Adesso, and Oose Innvoative will deliver their expert perspectives on Spring, Microservices, REST, NetFlixOSS, Cloud Native Applications and Big Data. And here's the best thing: Hands on Workshops! Get hands on with Microservices and uber Java Blogger Eberhard Wolff. Also, an end-to-end API to web example - REST / Web App / Database from Oliver Geirke, our Spring Data Team lead. Also, you'll want to see former SpringSource CTO Adrian Coyler, and featured Pivotal speaker/engineer Dr. Dave Syer. If you want learn about how applications are being designed for Cloud Native Platforms, and what real code is shipping today for Java developers to get working with microservice architecture - ignore the fast followers and come hear from the leaders.


Pivotal at Spring I/O Conference April 29,30 in Barcelona


Spring I/O is back! After a break for a few years, this conference is returning to the circuit. Let's help them get started again! Also, instead of Madrid, the conference is in beautiful Barcelona, Spain this year and has an excellent lineup of Spring, Groovy and Grails speakers over two solid days. 38 great speakers from Pivotal, Google, Vaadin, JetBrains, Neo Technology, MongoDB, Couchbase, ElasticSearch, ZeroTurnAround, AppDynamics, Magnolia and many others will deliver their expert perspectives on Spring, Groovy, Grails and Cloud Native Applications. And here's the best thing: Hands on Workshops! Get hands on with Spring Cloud for microservices, Spring XD for Big Data Pipelines and Spring MVC and Static Resources - all from the Pivotal leaders and engineers who write the software. If you want learn about how applications are being designed for Cloud Native Platforms, and what real code is shipping today for Java developers to get working with microservice architecture - ignore the fast followers and come hear from the leaders.


Spring Session 1.0.1 Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Session 1.0.1.RELEASE. You can find the release in Maven Central.

This release fixes 30+ tickets. You can find the highlights below:


The highlights of Spring Session 1.0.1 are available below:

  • Support for AWS ElastiCache #124
  • Servlet 3.1 fixes #152. This resolves issues when running Spring Security and Spring Boot 1.2
  • Servlet 2.5 fixes #111 #182
  • Added Servlet 2.5 & XML based configuration sample and guide
  • Embedded Redis used in Samples now works on Windows 64 bit #174
  • New Spring Session Logo #130

Spring Social Facebook 2.0.0.RELEASE Released

Dear Spring Community,

I’m happy to announce the release of Spring Social Facebook 2.0.0.RELEASE. This release completes the overhaul of Spring Social Facebook to target version 2.3 of Facebook’s Graph API.Facebook will be turning off version 1.0 of their Graph API on April 30th, so it is highly recommended that you upgrade to Spring Social Facebook 2.0.0.RELEASE as soon as possible.

As has been mentioned in last week’s release candidate and in milestone releases prior to that, Facebook’s Graph API introduced several breaking changes which resulted in many breaking changes between Spring Social Facebook 1.1.x and Spring Social Facebook 2.0.0. Also, even some operations that still work do not work as they did previously. For example, it is no longer possible to fetch a list of all of a users’s Facebook friends; you can only fetch a list of their friends who have also authorized your application with Facebook.


Spring integration Java DSL 1.1 M1 is available

Dear Spring community,

We are pleased to announce that the Spring Integration Java DSL 1.1 Milestone 1 is now available. Use the Milestone Repository with Maven or Gradle to try it in early access.

compile "org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-java-dsl:1.1.0.M1"

To be honest, many of the planned features for 1.1 are not implemented yet, but thanks to encouragement from our pal Josh Long and the recent announcement about the Apache Kafka support (Spring Integration Kafka Support 1.1 Release, Spring XD 1.1.1 Release), we’ve released this Milestone 1 mainly to showcase the Apache Kafka support in the Java Configuration DSL.


Using Apache Kafka for Integration and Data Processing Pipelines with Spring

Applications generated more and more data than ever before and a huge part of the challenge - before it can even be analyzed - is accommodating the load in the first place. Apache’s Kafka meets this challenge. It was originally designed by LinkedIn and subsequently open-sourced in 2011. The project aims to provide a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds. The design is heavily influenced by transaction logs. It is a messaging system, similar to traditional messaging systems like RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, MQSeries, but it’s ideal for log aggregation, persistent messaging, fast (_hundreds_ of megabytes per second!) reads and writes, and can accommodate numerous clients. Naturally, this makes it perfect for cloud-scale architectures!


This Week in Spring - April 15th, 2015!

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! As usual, we’ve got a lot to discuss so let’s get to it!

Last week I was in Paris, France, for Devoxx, FR, and this week I’m in India for the Great Indian Developer Summit and for some meetings ahead of the conference in Bangalore and Hyderabad. If you’re in Bombay, Hyderabad, or Bangalore, and want to talk Spring, Cloud Foundry, and big-data, let me know!

In a week and some change, I’ll be in Barcelona, Spain, for Spring I/O. If you’re in Spain, be sure not to miss this amazing event! I, along with many other members of the Spring team, will be there and looking forward to seeing you!


Spring at Cloud Foundry Summit May 11-12 2015

Ok, so this is not just a list of cool Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Devops, and Buildpack related sessions at Cloud Foundry Summit, it includes aspirational talks/keynotes from speakers, authors, leaders, and just plain old old-of-the-box thinkers that we believe you'll want to hear from and appreciate. If you or your team is curious about 12-factor applications, microservices, and want the benefits of the JVM, then check out the show and register now! Spring users can save 25% off registration using promo code: CFSPRING


Spring Statemachine 1.0.0.M1 Released

We’re pleased to announce a first milestone release of Spring Statemachine 1.0.0.M1. This blog also acts as introductory for this new project.

While it’d be nice to write a blog post introducing new cutting edge technology hot from a press, finite statemachines has been around longer than readers of this post(grandpa you can now lower your hand). There are technologies which come and go and then there are these fundamental technologies which stick around simply because they are proven to work.

Every programmer is most likely already using concepts of states of some sort in their applications. Having a simple boolean flag is already a simple statemachine on its own when application is making a decision based on that flag. Programmer then throws in more flags, enums and a bunch of if/else/break structures which is perfectly all right with simple use cases.