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Welcome back to the final installment of This Week in Spring for 2011. It’s incredible to think that we’ve been doing this for a year already! Where has the time gone? Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say…

The hope has always been that these roundups would make it easier for developers to take the pulse of the Spring community. Between the announcements and releases and content from SpringSource and VMware and the incredible deluge of content authored by the community, there is always something interesting happening, somewhere.


Video: SpringOne 2GX - Making the Mobile Web Native with PhoneGap

SpringOne 2GX Video: Making the Mobile Web Native with PhoneGap
technical keynote Keith Donald Roy Clarkson Making the Mobile Web Native with PhoneGap

  • The emergence of HTML 5 based applications as a way to do cross platform mobile development
  • PhoneGap APIs and Plugins for development that combine HTML 5 with native Android and iOS capabilities
  • PhoneGap build process and remote debugging
  • A complete walk-through for the Spring html5expense sample application

Many thanks to InfoQ for coming to Chicago to record so many of the fantastic SpringOne 2GX presentations.


Video: Interview with Oleg Zhurakousky from JavaOne 2011

Video Interview with Oleg Zhurakousky at JavaOne 2011
video interview InfoQ Oleg Zhurakousky

Oleg talks about :

  • Developer choice and flexibility in cloud platforms and programming models
  • Alternate approaches to retrieving data through messaging and noSQL options
  • How messaging as an architectural paradigm is perfectly suited for large distributed systems

Many thanks to InfoQ for taking the time to talk to the Spring experts and providing this outstanding interview to the community.


Video: SpringOne 2GX - Messaging for Modern Applications

SpringOne 2GX 2011 Messaging for Modern Applications: Tom McCuch
keynote presentations Messaging for Modern Applications

  • Modern Applications: trends and impact of messaging as well as messaging application architecture
  • Spring Integration: messaging use cases and a messaging DSL for Spring applications
  • AMQP: architecture and implementation by RabbitMQ

Many thanks to InfoQ for coming to Chicago to record so many of the fantastic SpringOne 2GX presentations.


Video: Introduction to using MongoDB and Spring on Cloud Foundry

In this video Jared Rosoff from 10gen and Thomas Risberg from SpringSource show what the combination of MongoDB and Cloud Foundry has to offer to Spring developers. They develop a sample application combining MongoDB and the Spring Data project, and show how to build and deploy it to the cloud. After 60 minutes, you too will be ready to develop and deploy to the cloud your own Spring applications that use MongoDB.

Be sure to thumbs up the presentation if you find it useful and subscribe to the SpringSourceDev channel to receive updates about all the latest presentation recordings and screencasts.


Video: SpringOne 2GX Technical Keynote - Next Generation Applications

SpringOne 2GX 2011 Technical Keynote: Ben Alex
InfoQ Ben Alex

  • Keith Donald & Jeremy Grelle demonstrate how to use Spring based REST services with PhoneGap to produce iPhone and Android applications
  • Craig Walls & Roy Clarkson discuss social media integration with modern web applications
  • Graeme Rocher & James Tyrell demonstrate off line operation in an HTML 5 app using an in browser database
  • Tim Fox discusses the rise of asynchronous programming models on the server

A shareable version of Technical Keynote slides are also available on our SpringOne 2GX 2011 Keynote Presentations page.