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This Week in Spring - March 26, 2013

Welcome to another installment of <EM>This Week in Spring</EM>! 
This week I'm in <Em>chilly</EM> (brrr!) London, England  and Paris, France, for <A href=""> Devoxx UK</a> and <A href=""> Devoxx FR</a> and - <EM>tonight</EM> - I gave a talk at <EM>Skills Matter</EM>  for the London Spring User Group. What a pleasant experience. If you're in France and want to talk Spring, don't hesitate <A href="">to ping me</a>.

  1. The CujoJS team has announced that When.js 2.0 is now available.

  2. I found a few nice posts introducing Spring Integration. Here’s part 1
    and part 2.

     These posts are very thorough and well worth a read! </LI>
     <LI>New SpringOne2GX replays now available in HD on YouTube: <a href="">What's New in Spring Integration 2.2 and Spring Integration, Batch, &amp; Data Lightning Talks</a>.</LI>
     <LI> Did you guys miss SpringOne2GX 2012? Don't fret, Oleg Zhurakousky and Arjen Poutsma's talk introducing <a href="">how to use Spring with Scala is now available on InfoQ</a>. </LI>
     <LI>Michael Isvy's been hard at work refactoring the code 
         of the canonical Spring PetClinic reference application. The application  <a href="">is now available on GitHub</a>.

  3. Long time readers will remember Daniel Fernandez, author of the amazing Thymeleaf templating engine that works well
    with Spring MVC and Spring Security.
    We’re happy to have him pen a blog post on how Thymeleaf contributes to the refactored Spring Travel application as the view engine.
  4.  <LI>  
         Have  you guys checked out <a href="">the RabbitMQ simulator on Cloud Foundry?</a>   </LI>
     <LI>Speaking of RabbitMQ there <a href="">are now Lua bindings available</a>. </LI>
         Alexey Zvolinskiy has a  <a href="">very introductory post on Spring MVC</a>. Nicely done!  </LI>
     <LI>  Our friend Roger Hughes is back at it again, this time with a  post on how to <a href="">create a Spring MVC 3.2 web application</a>. 
     <LI> The ITEye blog has a nice Chinese-language  post on <a href="">how to use Spring and MyBatis together</a>. 

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