Spring Framework 5.0
The right stack for the right job.

End-to-end support for reactive & servlet based apps on the JVM. Learn More

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Automate Ops for Spring
Cloud on Cloud Foundry

Build Spring microservices with Cloud Foundry's new container
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Pivotal Web Services

Zero friction Spring Boot deployment to the cloud. Learn More

Spring Cloud Edgware Released

Spring Cloud Edgware debuts a JDBC-backed config server, Contract, Sleuth
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Spring: the source for modern java

Spring Boot

Build Anything

Spring Boot is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal upfront configuration of Spring. Spring Boot takes an opinionated view of building production ready applications.

Spring Cloud

Coordinate Anything

Built directly on Spring Boot's innovative approach to enterprise Java, Spring Cloud simplifies distributed, microservice-style architecture by implementing proven patterns to bring resilience, reliability, and coordination to your microservices.

Spring Cloud Data Flow

Connect Anything

Connect the Enterprise to the Internet of Anything-mobile devices, sensors, wearables, automobiles, and more. Spring Cloud Data Flow provides a unified service for creating composable data microservices that address streaming and ETL-based data processing patterns.

Spring Framework 5

The Right Technology Stack for the Job at Hand

Developers are constantly challenged with choosing the most effective runtime, programming model and architecture for their application's requirements and team's skill-set. For example, some use cases are best handled by a technology stack based on synchronous blocking I/O architecture while others would be better served by an asynchronous, and non-blocking stack built on the reactive design principles described in the Reactive Streams Specification.

Reactive Spring represents a platform wide initiative to deliver reactive support at every level of the development stack—web, security, data, messaging, etc. Spring Framework 5 delivers on this vision by providing a new reactive web stack called, Spring WebFlux, which is offered side-by-side with the traditional Spring MVC web stack. The choice is yours!

WebFlux Reference Documentation

Spring Boot

Build Anything with Spring Boot

Spring Boot is the starting point for building all Spring-based applications. Spring Boot is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal upfront configuration of Spring.

Get started in seconds using Spring Initializr
Build anything - REST API, WebSocket, Web, Streaming, Tasks, and more
Simplified Security
Rich support for SQL and NoSQL
Embedded runtime support - Tomcat, Jetty, and Undertow
Developer productivity tools such as live reload and auto restart
Curated dependencies that just work
Production-ready features such as tracing, metrics and health status
Works in your favorite IDE - Spring Tool Suite, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans

Spring Boot Reference Manual

Getting Started Guide

Spring Cloud

Coordinate Anything: Distributed Systems Simplified

Building distributed systems doesn't need to be complex and error-prone. Spring Cloud offers a simple and accessible programming model to the most common distributed system patterns, helping developers build resilient, reliable, and coordinated applications. Spring Cloud is built on top of Spring Boot, making it easy for developers to get started and become productive quickly.

Service Discovery
A dynamic directory that enables client side load balancing and smart routing

Circuit Breaker
Microservice fault tolerance with a monitoring dashboard

Configuration Server
Dynamic, centralized configuration management for your decentralized applications

API Gateway
Single entry point for API consumers (browsers, devices, other APIs)

Distributed Tracing
Automated application instrumentation and operational visibility for distributed systems

Support for single sign on, token relay and token exchange

Consumer-Driven Contracts
Service evolution patterns to support both HTTP based and message based APIs

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Spring Cloud Data Flow

Connect Anything

Spring Cloud Data Flow makes it easy to build and orchestrate cloud-native data pipelines for use cases such as data ingest, real-time analytics, and data import/export. Spring Cloud Data Flow makes it simple to connect systems by providing out of the box connectors for the most common integration scenarios.

Supports processing data in real-time streams and batch
Ingest, transform, analyze & store data
Connectors for FTP, RDBMS, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, GemFire, Redis, and much more
Supports modern messaging middleware - Kafka and RabbitMQ
Spring Flo visual designer for pipelines
Operational dashboard - metrics, health checks, and remote management
Supported platforms: Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Apache YARN, Apache Mesos

Spring Cloud Data Flow Reference Manual