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A Bootiful Podcast: Kubernetes Release SIG Tim Pepper

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This Week in Spring - June 2, 2020

Hi, Spring fans. We’ve got a ton of stuff to cover this week so let’s get to it.

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Spring Cloud Greenwich.SR6, Hoxton.SR5 and 2020.0.0-M2 (aka Ilford) are Available

On behalf of the community, I am pleased to announce that the following releases are available today: Service Release 6 (SR6) of the Spring Cloud Greenwich Release Train, Service Release 5 (SR5) of the Spring Cloud Hoxton Release Train and Milestone 2 (M2) of the Spring Cloud 2020.0 (code name Ilford) Release Train. The Greenwich and Hoxton releases can be found in Maven Central here and here. The Ilford milestone can be found in the Spring Milestone repository. You can check out the individual release notes for more information: Greenwich.SR6, Hoxton.SR5 and 2020.0.0-M2.

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Spring Fu 0.3.0 and beyond

I am happy to announce that Spring Fu 0.3.0 is available. As a reminder, Spring Fu is an incubator for Spring Boot programmatic configuration using DSLs in order to configure it explicitly with code in a declarative way, achieving great discoverability thanks to auto-complete.

JaFu is back!

This new milestone brings back JaFu (the Java DSL) in addition to KoFu (the Kotlin DSL). JaFu was removed in 0.1.0 because at that point, I had not the bandwidth to support both Java and Kotlin DSLs, and in term of API I was not sure that the Java variant was attractive enough to justify such effort, but I have changed my mind for various reasons:

  • I received a lot of requests to bring it back

  • Java as a language is moving faster

  • Getting more control on how configuration is applied is interesting for Java developers as well as Kotlin ones

  • Functional approach is naturally very efficient on the JVM and a good fit with GraalVM native images

  • 2 great new contributors have join the team: Audrey Neveu with a focus on KoFu and Arjen Poutsma with a focus on JaFu. Welcome to them!

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Spring Tools 4.6.2 released

Dear Spring Community,

I am happy to announce the 4.6.2 release of the Spring Tools 4 for Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, and Theia.

Highlights from this release include:

  • (Spring Boot) improvement: additional check to auto-connect live hovers only when actuators are on the project classpath (#450)
  • (Spring Boot) improvement: added content assist for keys that exist in YAML and properties files (#427)
  • (Spring Boot) improvement: Yaml editor gives error when using @[email protected] placeholders (#190)
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix: super type hierarchy lookup might fail
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix: quickly restarting app caused error popup from live hover mechanism to show up
  • (Eclipse) improvement: early access version of new Spring symbols view
  • (Eclipse) performance: fixed several issues that could have caused slowing down source code editing in the Java editor (#435) (#405)
  • (Eclipse) improvement: manually registered servlet mapping is missing from live request mapping tab in boot dashboard (#452)
  • (Eclipse) bugfix: fixed compatibility issue with newer m2e versions that ship with Eclipse 2020-06
  • (Eclipse) bugfix: fixed lots of NPE when scrolling down in live hovers
  • (VSCode/Theia) bugfix: Fix null reference when no JVM was found - contributed by @tfriem
  • (Concourse) improvement: add support for set-pipeline step (#464) - contributed by @deepakmohanakrishnan1984
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What's new in Spring Data Elasticsearch 4.0

This article continues our blog post series on What’s new in Spring Data Neumann. Today’s installment explains New and Noteworthy in Spring Data Elasticsearch. This blog post was written by P.J. Meisch who maintains the Spring Data Elasticsearch module.

This release addresses more than 140 issues, with more than 30 bugs fixed.

Spring Data Elasticsearch now uses Elasticsearch 7, 7.6.2 in particular. Elasticsearch clusters running on 6.x versions are not supported anymore. The ElasticsearchTemplate class is deprecated as it uses the TransportClient to access Elasticsearch, which itself is deprecated since Elasticsearch version 7.+ Users should switch to ElasticsearchRestTemplate or ReactiveElasticsearchTemplate.

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This Week in Spring - May 26th, 2020

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! How’re things? My family and I spent the Memorial Day holiday weekend mostly playing video games and trying random new restaurants for delivery. Now, it’s back to the grind and there are a ton of things to look at so let’s get to it!

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Getting Started With RSocket: Testing Spring Boot Responders

Reading time: about 6 minutes
Coding time: about 15 minutes

If you’ve been following this series, by now, you’ll have built a Spring Boot prototype that illustrates many of the features present in RSocket. This code isn’t production code, though; it’s a prototype, a stepping stone on your RSocket journey. For production code, I’d expect all the usual quality assurance and testing rules to apply. So in this exercise, I’ll show you how to write integration tests for RSocket responders, so you can get one step closer to production.

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