Preparing for Spring Boot 3.0

Spring Boot 2.0 was the first release in the 2.x line and was published on Feburary 28th 2018. We’ve just released Spring Boot 2.7 which means that, so far, we’ve been maintaining the 2.x line for just over 4 years. In total we’ve published 95 distinct releases over that timeframe!

The entire Spring team, and many in our community of contributors, are now preparing for the next generation of Spring. We are planning to release Spring Boot 3.0 in November 2022. This next major revision will be based on Spring Framework 6.0 and will require Java 17 or above. It will also be the first version of Spring Boot that makes use of Jakarta EE 9 APIs (jakarta.*) instead of EE 8 (javax.*).

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Azure Spring Apps Enterprise is now generally available

Hi, Spring fans! This is a guest post by Julia Liuson, President, Developer Division, Microsoft

Azure Spring Cloud is now Azure Spring Apps

We launched Azure Spring Cloud with VMware in 2019 to solve common challenges developers, IT operators, and DevOps teams face when running Spring Boot applications at scale. Since then we’ve helped many customers adopt the service including Bosch, Digital Realty, FedEx, Kroger, LiantisMorgan Stanley, National Life, Raley’s, and Swiss Re. They value the fully managed infrastructure of Azure Spring Cloud that lets them focus on their apps, while the service manages dynamic scaling, security patching, out-of-the-box instrumentation for monitoring, and more. Through customer feedback. we have expanded the capabilities of the service, including the Enterprise tier that we announced in preview at SpringOne 2021. Azure Spring Cloud is a fully-featured platform for all types of Spring applications, and to better reflect this the service is now Azure Spring Apps.

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This Week in Spring - May 24th, 2022

Hi, Spring fans! I’m in Spain for business and not just a little pleasure. Yesterday, my partner, her mother, and I went to Formentera, Spain, a little island off of Ibiza, Spain. It was amazing. We’re now in Ibiza, Spain, which is a little island not far from Barcelona, Spain, on the mainland of Spain. It feels a bit like that Inception movie. We traveled by boat to Formentera for a little vacation inside of another little vacation (Ibiza) and inside of another little vacation (Barcelona). Tomorrow I’ll return to Barcelona for the Spring IO event. Yes, technically, this is work. But it’s an oh-so-much pleasure, too. I can’t wait! It’ll be the first time I’ve seen a ton of these people in years! I hope to see y’all there or los vemos!

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Spring for GraphQL 1.0 Release

On behalf of the Spring for GraphQL team and every contributor, it is my pleasure to announce the 1.0 GA release. It’s been 10 months since the project was announced and under 2 years since the first commit, unremarkably called “first commit”. The project began with the modest goal to replace the (now archived) minimal GraphQL Java Spring integration, but has since moved significantly beyond through community feedback and collaboration across Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Spring Data, and Spring Security.

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This Week in Spring - May 17th, 2022

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! I am in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, this week, ahead of the upcoming Spring I/O show. I just spent a wonderful week in amazing England, meeting old friends, speaking at Devoxx UK, etc.

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This Week in Spring - May 10th, 2022

Hi, Spring fans! I’m writing this from - I can’t believe I get to say this - abroad! I’m in London, UK! Now, this is not particularly noteworthy for those millions who already live here. But I don’t live here. I’m a visitor! I live in San Francisco. I had to fly here! On a plane! With other people! ACROSS THE OCEAN. This is my first international flight since March of 2020, and I couldn’t be more excited to be here for Devoxx UK and also just to catch up with old friends I haven’t seen in nearly three years. If you know me, and how I used to travel, you’ll appreciate how odd it is for me to be this excited to have crossed a border. It’s been sooo long! I’ve missed the process. I’ve missed seeing people. I’ve missed all of it.

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