The ability of batch processing to efficiently process large amounts of data makes it ideal for many use cases. Spring Batch’s implementation of industry-standard processing patterns lets you build robust batch jobs on the JVM. Adding Spring Boot and other components from the Spring portfolio lets you build mission-critical batch applications.

What is batch processing?

Batch processing is the processing of a finite amount of data in a manner that does not require external interaction or interruption.

Why build batch processes?

Batch processes are an extremely efficient way of processing large amounts of data. The ability to schedule and prioritize work based on SLAs lets you allocate resources for best utilization.

Batch processing with Spring

Spring Batch is the de facto standard for batch processing on the JVM. Its implementation of common batch patterns, such as chunk-based processing and partitioning, lets you create high-performing, scalable batch applications that are resilient enough for your most mission-critical processes. Spring Boot provides an additional level of production-grade features to let you speed up the development of your batch processes.

Batch processing in the cloud

Integration with common technologies

Integration with common technologies

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