Working a Getting Started guide with STS

This guide walks you through using Spring Tool Suite (STS) to build one of the Getting Started guides.

What you’ll build

You’ll pick a Spring guide and import it into Spring Tool Suite. Then you can read the guide, work on the code, and run the project.

What you’ll need

Installing STS

If you don’t have STS installed yet, visit the link up above. From there, you can download a copy for your platform. To install it simply unpack the downloaded archive.

When you’re done, go ahead and launch STS.

Importing a Getting Started guide

With STS up and running, open the Import Spring Getting Started Content wizard from the File menu.

Import Getting Started Content

A pop-up wizard will offer you the chance to search and pick any of the published guides from the Spring website. You can either skim the list, or enter search words to instantly filter the options.]

The criteria is applied to both the title and the description when offering instant search results. Wildcards are supported.

You can pick either Maven or Gradle as the build system to use.

You can also decide whether to grab the initial code set, complete code set, or both. For most projects, the initial code set is an empty project, making it possible for you to copy-and-paste your way through a guide. The complete code set is all the code from the guide already entered. If you grab both, you can compare your work against the guide’s and see the differences.

Finally, you can have STS open a browser tab to the guide on the website. This will let you work through a guide without having to leave STS.

For the purpose of this guide, enter rest into the instant search box. Then pick Consuming Rest. Pick Maven for building, and initial and complete code sets. Also opt to open the web page as shown below:

Pick a guide

STS will create two new projects in your workspace, import the Consuming Rest code base (both initial and complete), and open a browser tab inside STS as shown below:

View the code and the guide

From here, you can walk through the guide and navigate to the code files.


Congratulations! You have setup Spring Tool Suite, imported the Consuming Rest getting started guide, and opened a browser tab to walk through it.

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