Spring CLI0.7.4

The Spring CLI aims to increase your productivity when creating new projects and adding functionality to existing projects. It does this by providing the following high-level features.

The command "boot new" clones an external project and optionally performs a package refactoring to your chosen package name. You can also specify the new project's group ID, artifact ID, and version optionally.

The command "boot add" will merge an external project to your current project. It performs an intelligent merge of project dependencies, plug-ins, annotations, application configuration files, and refactoring of the external project code into your current project's package structure.

User-provided commands provide a user-friendly way to define and execute custom commands that can perform everyday tasks on your project. With declarative command definitions alongside your code, you can easily create new controllers, add dependencies, or configure files. You can also execute other command-line applications resembling a client-side GitHub Actions-like experience.

Following a "Plain Old Java Projects" approach to code generation, implemented in the "boot new" and "boot add" commands, allows companies to define a standard set of projects with preferred libraries and coding styles. Including a README.md file in these projects makes it easy for team members to get started with new libraries or programming approaches. For instance, running "spring boot add jpa" adds code to your project and renames the README.md file to README-jpa.md file for easy discovery.

User-defined commands are ideal for repetitive coding tasks. Since command definitions live alongside your code, anyone on your team can contribute or improve existing commands without creating, updating, and publishing additional artifacts or projects.

Read the documentation for installing the CLI on your system.

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