Spring Modulith0.6.0

Spring Modulith allows developers to build well-structured Spring Boot applications and guides developers in finding and working with application modules driven by the domain. It supports the verification of such modular arrangements, integration testing individual modules, observing the application’s behavior on the module level and creating documentation snippets based on the arrangement created.


  1. Create a Spring Boot application on https://start.spring.io

  2. Create a Java package arrangement that puts business modules as direct sub-packages of the application’s main package.

    □ Example
    └─ □ src/main/java
       ├─ □ example           <1>
       |  └─ Application.java
       ├─ □ example.inventory <2>
       |  └─ …
       └─ □ example.order     <2>
          └─ …
    1. The application root package

    2. Application module packages

  3. Create an ApplicationModules model, run verifications and create documentation snippets.

    class ApplicationTests {
      void writeDocumentationSnippets() {
        var modules = ApplicationModules.of(Application.class).verify(); (1)
        new Documenter(modules) (2)
    1. Creates application module model and verifies its structure.

    2. Renders Asciidoctor snippets (component diagrams, application module canvas) to target/modulith-docs.

  4. Run integration tests for individual application modules.

    □ Example
    └─ □ src/test/java
       └─ □ example.order
          └─ OrderModuleIntegrationTests.java
    class OrderModuleIntegrationTests {
      void someTestMethod() { … }
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