Spring Session MongoDB


Spring Session MongoDB provides an API and implementations for managing a user’s session information stored in MongoDB by leveraging Spring Data MongoDB.


Spring Session MongoDB provides the following features:

  • API and implementations for managing a user’s session

  • HttpSession - allows replacing the HttpSession in an application container (i.e. Tomcat) neutral way

  • Clustered Sessions - Spring Session makes it trivial to support clustered sessions without being tied to an application container specific solution.

  • Multiple Browser Sessions - Spring Session supports managing multiple users' sessions in a single browser instance (i.e. multiple authenticated accounts similar to Google).

  • RESTful APIs - Spring Session allows providing session ids in headers to work with RESTful APIs WebSocket - provides the ability to keep the HttpSession alive when receiving WebSocket messages

Quick start

Bootstrap your application with Spring Initializr.


Each Spring project has its own; it explains in great details how you can use project features and what you can achieve with them.
2.0.2 CURRENT GA Reference Doc. API Doc.
2.0.3 SNAPSHOT Reference Doc. API Doc.