Spring Shell3.3.1

Users of the Spring Shell project can easily build a full featured shell ( aka command line) application by depending on the Spring Shell jars and adding their own commands (which come as methods on spring beans). Creating a command line application can be useful e.g. to interact with your project’s REST API, or to work with local file content.


Spring Shell’s features include

  • A simple, annotation driven, programming model to contribute custom commands

  • Use of Spring Boot auto-configuration functionality as the basis for a command plugin strategy

  • Tab completion, colorization, and script execution

  • Customization of command prompt, shell history file name, handling of results and errors

  • Dynamic enablement of commands based on domain specific criteria

  • Integration with the bean validation API

  • Already built-in commands, such as clear screen, gorgeous help, exit

  • ASCII art Tables, with formatting, alignment, fancy borders, etc.

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