Serverless applications take advantage of modern cloud computing capabilities and abstractions to let you focus on logic rather than on infrastructure. In a serverless environment, you can concentrate on writing application code while the underlying platform takes care of scaling, runtimes, resource allocation, security, and other “server” specifics.

What is serverless?

Serverless workloads are “event-driven workloads that aren’t concerned with aspects normally handled by server infrastructure.” Concerns like “how many instances to run” and “what operating system to use” are all managed by a Function as a Service platform (or FaaS), leaving developers free to focus on business logic.

Serverless characteristics?

Serverless applications have a number of specific characteristics, including:

  • Event-driven code execution with triggers
  • Platform handles all the starting, stopping, and scaling chores
  • Scales to zero, with low to no cost when idle
  • Stateless

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