Tanzu Spring

Top-tier support for Spring, Apache Tomcat®, and Java OpenJDK™, along with exclusive enterprise-ready features, components and extensions. It's available as part of VMware Tanzu Platform.

Upgrade at your own pace

With scheduled LTS releases, you get to plan and prioritize upgrades.

Better Governance

Apply consistent governance across an enterprise by focusing on official releases from the Spring team.

Stay secure and compliant

Get access to regular security patches for Spring projects from the original authors of the framework.

LTS releases for Spring OSS Projects

Premium Support

Access to Binary Downloads

Access to Tanzu Spring Commercial Products

Enterprise support covers

Apache Tomcat
VMware tc Server
Spring AMQP
Spring Batch
Spring Boot
Spring Cloud Commons
Spring Cloud Config
Spring Cloud Netflix
Spring Cloud Bus
Spring Cloud Cloud Foundry
Spring Cloud Open Service Broker
Spring Cloud Consul
Spring Cloud Security
Spring Cloud Sleuth
Spring Cloud Zookeeper
Spring Cloud Kubernetes
Spring Cloud CLI
Spring Cloud OpenFeign
Spring Cloud Gateway
Spring Cloud Function
Spring Cloud Contract
Spring Cloud Task
Spring Cloud Stream
Spring Cloud Stream Binder for Apache Kafka®
Spring Cloud Stream Binder for RabbitMQ
Spring Cloud Stream Binder for Kafka Streams
Spring Cloud Stream Binder for AWS Kinesis
Spring Cloud Vault
Spring CredHub
Spring Data for Apache Cassandra™
Spring Data Commons
Spring Data KeyValue
Spring Data LDAP
Spring Data JDBC
Spring Data JPA
Spring Data MongoDB
Spring Data GemFire
Spring Data for Apache Geode™
Spring Data Redis
Spring Data REST
Spring Data Solr
Spring Framework
Spring Integration (Core modules + Kafka + AWS)
Spring for Apache Kafka®
Spring LDAP
Spring Kerberos
Spring REST Docs
Spring Retry
Spring Statemachine
Spring Security
Spring Authorization Server
Spring Cloud Data Flow
Spring Session
Spring Session for MongoDB
Spring Session for GemFire/Apache Geode™
Spring Tools 4
Spring Vault
Spring Cloud Skipper
Spring Shell
Spring Cloud Stream Applications

* Restrictions apply ^ Downloads from official sources

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