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Spring Framework 1.0 Release Candidate 2 Released

We are pleased to announce that Spring Framework 1.0 Release Candidate 2 has just been released. RC2 covers all features targeted for 1.0 final, which should be released soon.

Changes since Release Candidate 1 include:

  • scheduling support via Quartz and Timer
  • support for the SqlMapClient API of iBATIS SQL Maps 2
  • JdbcTemplate convenience methods, taking prepared statement arguments as Object array
  • support for custom RMI socket factories and additional RMI invocation parameters
  • PreferencesPlaceholderConfigurer, resolving placeholders via J2SE 1.4 Preferences
  • optional "type" attribute for "constructor-arg" tag in XML bean definitions
  • revised BeanFactoryLocator implementations
  • simplified AOP Advisor interface hierarchy
  • revised DataFieldMaxValueIncrementer implementation hierarchy
  • extended mapping configuration options in LocalSessionFactoryBean
  • metadata support uses latest Commons Attributes snapshot
  • VelocityView supports Velocity Tools 1.1

A full list of changes is included in the the changelog.

The release can be downloaded here

On a side note: after the 1.0 release, we will be focussing on new features, some of which can be found in our JIRA. Please have a look, but note that list is still subject to change. [2004-03-01]

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