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This Week in Spring - May 22nd, 2018

Hi Spring fans! Whew! What a wild week it’s been! I landed in Kiev, Ukraine, last Thursday to present at the epic JEEConf in beautiful Kiev. Then, this weekend it was off to Dublin, Ireland and Belfast, North Ireland, where I had the privilege of speaking to some of the amazing Pivotal customers (like Liberty). I concluded today here in Belfast and tomorrow it’s off to bella Barcelona, Spain for the Spring I/O conference.

As usual, it’s been a crazy awesome week in the Spring community so without further ado let’s get to it!


Enjoy quality time with the Spring and Reactor communities at SpringOne Platform

Hey there,

It feels like SpringOne Platform was only yesterday, and I’m so excited by what’s coming in September! It’s yet another excuse to chat, exchange, share, have a drink, and enjoy quality time with the Spring and Reactor communities, contributors and users alike.

I’ll tell you a secret: as the project Reactor lead, this is one of my favorite places to capture amazing feedback and translate it into pull requests. I like spending hours replaying the software history with folks, talking about efficient distributed systems (or “microservices”) because–Bingo! Reactive is all about these stories!


Spring Data Lovelace M3 released

On behalf of the Spring Data team, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the third milestone of the Lovelace release train.

This release ships with updates for all store modules that contain new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Notable changes include:


Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.5.0 Released

The Spring Cloud Data Flow team is pleased to announce the 1.5.0 GA release. Follow the Getting Started guides for Local Server, Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes.

Here are the highlights:

  • UI Improvements

  • Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Stream 2.0, and Spring Cloud Task 2.0 Support

  • Updated Application Starters

  • Metrics Improvements

  • Nested splits for Composed Tasks

  • Kubernetes Improvements

  • Updated File Ingest sample

UI Improvements

We have continued to improve the UI/UX of the Dashboard. We hope that you will immediately notice an overall lighter weight design. The Tasks tab has been rewritten to match the UX styling of the other tabs. A new paginator component has been added to all the list pages. Switching from a list of 20, 30, 50, or 100 items per page is possible. This further simplifies the bulk operation workflows.

The updated Stream Builder tab makes is easy to deploy Stream Definitions and update deployed streams. You can edit application and deployment properties as well as change the version of individual applications in the stream and re-deploy. Data Flow’s integration with Skipper handles the upgrade process, allowing for easy rollback in case the upgrade doesn’t go as planned. The Stream Builder tab also includes many optimizations, including better form validation and eager error reporting. Try it out!

Stream Builder Tab

There has also been a significant amount of refactoring to optimize the code base and prepare for future extensions and feature additions. End-to-end testing with Selenium and SauceLabs has also been added.


This Week in Spring - May 15th, 2018

Hi Spring fans and welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! I just returned from a month of travel on Saturday, and on Sunday I was off to Denver, CO, for the epic SpringOne Tour Denver show. Now, I’m off to begin a 10 day tour of Kyiv, Ukraine (JEEConf); Dublin, Ireland and Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Barcelona, Spain (Spring I/O). I hope to see you around! (@starbuxman)

We’ve got a ton of good stuff to look at today so let’s get to it!


Spring Security 5.1.0.M1 Released

On behalf of the community I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Securiity 5.1.0.M1. This release resolves over 80 tickets. The highlights can be seen below:

  • Spring Security OAuth2 Client Support for WebFlux. See the sample for how to use it.

  • Numerous other enhancements to WebFlux Support

  • Added OAuth2ClientArgumentResolver

  • Implementation of the Authorization Code Grant. See the sample for how to use it.

Feedback Please

If you have feedback on this release, I encourage you to reach out via StackOverflow, GitHub Issues, or via the comments section. You can also ping me @rob_winch , Joe @joe_grandja, or Josh @jzheaux on Twitter.


New tutorial about Spring Boot and Kotlin

For 2 years, we have introduced Kotlin support in Spring projects (Framework, Boot, Data) and published various blog posts, sample projects, slides and documentation. Today, we are publishing an opinionated tutorial intended to summarize in a single place how to build a Spring Boot web application in Kotlin leveraging these features and following best practices:

Topics covered are:

  • How to create a Spring Boot 2 project in Kotlin
  • Understanding the build configuration
  • Testing with JUnit 5: integration tests, @WebMvcTest + mocking
  • Persistence with JPA and data classes
  • Creating your own extensions
  • Rendering web pages with Mustache
  • HTTP API with @RestController
  • Configuration properties

Spring IO Platform Cairo SR1

I am pleased to announce that Spring IO Platform Cairo-SR1 is now available from both and Maven Central.

This maintenance release upgrades the versions of a number of the projects in the Platform:

  • Spring Boot 2.0.2
  • Spring Data Kay SR7
  • Spring Framework 5.0.6
  • Spring Kafka 2.1.6
  • Spring Integration 5.0.5
  • Spring Security 5.0.5
  • Spring Session Apple SR2

The versions of a number of third-party dependencies have also been updated.

Project Page | GitHub | Issues | Documentation