Spring Data for Apache Cassandra4.3.2

The Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database offers many new capabilities for teams seeking a solution to handle high velocity, high volume and variable data flows. This new way of thinking introduces new concepts and a learning curve that can be intimidating to team members and team managers. Spring Data for Apache Cassandra offers a familiar interface to those who have used other Spring Data modules in the past.

The learning curve for developing applications with Apache Cassandra is significantly reduced when using Spring Data for Apache Cassandra. With the power to stay at a high level with annotated POJOs, or at a low level with high performance data ingestion capabilities, the Spring Data for Apache Cassandra templates are sure to meet every application need.

  • CassandraTemplate and CqlTemplate: Helper class that increases productivity for common tasks exposing synchronous, reactive, and asynchronous APIs.
  • Schema Support: Creation of Keyspaces, Tables, and Indices.
  • Object Mapping: Feature rich, annotation driven object mapper.
  • Lifecycle Events: Before and after save, update, delete hooks and events.
  • Repositories: Repository interfaces including support for custom queries & aggregations.
  • Observability: Metrics and distributed tracing.
  • Kotlin: Extensions to enrich developer experience.
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