Spring Data Neo4J


This project provides Spring Data support for the Neo4j Graph Database, including annotated POJOs, SD-Repositories and Neo4j-Template.

Spring Data Neo4j offers advanced features to map annotated entity classes to the Neo4j Graph Database. The template programming model is equivalent to other Spring templates and builds the basis for interaction with the graph and is also used for the Spring Data repository support. Spring Data Neo4j is core part of the Spring Data project which aims to provide convenient data access for NoSQL databases.


  • Support for property graphs (nodes connected via relationships, each with arbitrary properties)

  • Object-Graph-Mapping of annotated POJO entities

  • extensive Spring Data Commons Repositories Support, including annotated and derived finder methods

  • Arbitrary result projections for finder methods

  • Supports the Cypher Graph Quey Language Support for Neo4j causal clusters Based on the Neo4j-OGM library Supports binary (bolt), http and embedded transports to connect to Neo4j Available with Spring Boot

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