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Engineering | Keith Donald | July 07, 2006 | ...

As Interface21 grows as a global company one thing has become more and more clear to me everyday:

we really have some damn talented, highly motivated leaders who have a lot to say on both business and technology.
Having said that, one of the things we want to do is give our people a convenient, easily accessible channel to share their insights, experiences, ideas, and innovations. And after a little hard work behind the scenes, I think we are there. Welcome to the Interface21 Team Blog.

Here you will gain insight into what's going on at i21, from what we're working on, to what problems we're solving, to where we're going, to what we've learned along the way. You'll see a lot of diversity, as our company is doing a lot of things, from leading the development of the Spring Framework and the Spring family of products to expanding operations in five major international markets.

This entire blog is subscribable via RSS. In addition, you can follow your favorites by subscribing to individual author feeds. Tags facilitate finding entries by category and by author. In general, we hope you find the overall theme refreshing and easy to navigate.

I personally am discontinuing my old kdonald blog and making this location my home going forward. Stay tuned, we are just getting started!

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