New on the Spring forum: regular polls

Engineering | Alef Arendsen | March 10, 2007 | ...

A while ago, we were thinking about doing a big survey among Spring users to render feedback about parts of the framework. We'd include questions like 'which Java version are you using', but also ask you which Spring feature you like, dislike, et cetera.

Partially because of lack fo this, but also because for now, we don't want to force Spring users to fill out huge surveys, we never got to actually doing this.

In the past half hour, I've set up a nice alternative on the Spring Framework forum. From now on, we'll be hosting a series of polls on the forum. The polls are basically very simple multiple choice questions and the results will be available to everybody. In addition to the poll, we'll also give some background information on each of the options.

We're doing this to get feedback from you about Spring features. It's important for us to know what features you are using and what features not. And of course, it serves as a nice place to start a heated discussion about some topics ;-). For example, the first poll is about verifying if required dependencies have been set correctly. You can do this in a numer of ways such as the dependency-check attribute, the Spring 2.0 @Required annotation, implementing a callback (using InitializingBean or init-method) or by using constructor injection. Personally I use the last option most often, but there might of course be reasons for you to choose differently.

Remember, your feedback is important to us, so all, hurry to the Spring Framework forum to fill out the first poll

p.s. all future polls will also be linked from the central polls page, also on the forum.

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