Power Combination: SCA, OSGi, and Spring

Engineering | Adrian Colyer | May 01, 2007 | ...

No, that's not my headline, it's actually the title of a white paper recently published by Open SOA collaboration. To quote from the news announcement accompanying the whitepaper:

"Based upon user feedback, the OSOA Collaboration are publishing a white paper highlighting the powerful combination of the SCA, Spring and OSGi technologies aimed to help Developers simplify the creation and composition of services critical to building applications based on an SOA approach."
The Open SOA collaboration develops the Service Collaboration Architecture (SCA) specification, with partners including BEA, IBM, IONA, Oracle, Red Hat, SAP, Siemens, Sun, Tibco, and others. So when this group starts to rally around the "powerful combination of SCA, Spring, and OSGi" it's a great endorsement of the Spring Framework and of the work that we're doing in the Spring OSGi project.

The white paper provides a short overview of SCA, OSGi and Spring, and then describes how they can be used together. Quoting from the summary:

"SCA, OSGi and Spring are all useful and powerful facilities for the Java programmer to use. In the new service-oriented world that we are entering, using SCA, OSGi and Spring together provide powerful capabilities for building service implementations from sets of simple Java Beans using few APIs, with managed dependencies, version control and dynamic update capabilities, allied to the capability to compose those implementations with other service components written in Java or in other languages and existing in a distributed network of systems using a range of communication methods.

Simplicity, flexibility, manageability, testability, reusability. A key combination for enterprise developers."

I'll be co-presenting on SCA and Spring with Mike Edwards of IBM at the JavaOne conference next week: session TS-8194, "Spring and Service Component Architecture as the Basis for Distributed Services Applications". If you're interested and will be at JavaOne then come along or catch up with one of the Interface21 team at our booth.

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