Spring LDAP 1.2 RC1 released

Releases | Ulrik Sandberg | May 13, 2007 | ...

Dear Spring community,

We are pleased to announce the first release candidate of Spring LDAP 1.2, with a number of features and bug fixes. Only the most important are listed here. For a complete listing, please see the changelog. The release is available for download here.

  • Implemented client-side transaction support for Spring LDAP. See reference documentation for further information (LDAP-29).
  • Changed the exception hierarchy to be an unchecked mirror of the JNDI NamingException hierarchy (LDAP-4).
  • Exceptions thrown by Spring LDAP are now always Serializable, regardless of whether the wrapped NamingException is (which is not always the case) (LDAP-14).
  • Rewrote LdapEncoder.nameDecode() to solve problem with national characters and remove regular expression used in parsing, drastically improving Distinguished Name parsing performance as a bonus (LDAP-30).
  • Upgraded to Spring 2.0.4 internally. Spring 1.2.x is still supported (LDAP-35, LDAP-51).

Note that a number of API-breaking changes have been made in this release, mainly package restructuring stuff. Consequently, this is NOT a drop-in replacement for Spring LDAP 1.1.2, though upgrading should not present all that much work. Please see the supplied upgrade guide for details.

The Spring LDAP Team

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